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Information Technology

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Hofstra University is a dynamic private college on Long Island, NY, where students can choose from more than 140 undergraduate and 150 graduate programs in liberal arts and sciences, business, communication, education, health and human services, and honors studies, as well as a School of Law and School of Medicine. | more |

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As of April 13, 2007, you have a new Hofstra e-mail account through Google mail.  You can access your Hofstra GMail account only through the Hofstra portal.

Our old Pride mail account will no longer receive new e-mail.  All e-mail sent to your Pride mail account will be redirected to your new Hofstra GMail account.  Your old Pride Mail account will be deactivated by June 1, 2007. When you logon to the portal after April 13, you will see two icons, Old e-mail (OLD MAIL) to review/save your old Pride mail account and a new Hofstra GMail icon Hofstra GMail to read/send your new e-mail.

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