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Learn How Now: Zotero!

Collect - Collect all of your references and web sites in the cloud!

Organize - Group topics together easily!

Cite - Create citations and bibliographies with just one click!

Are you having trouble collecting and organizing your research and citing your references? Zotero can help! Zotero ( is a free download that, with one click, collects references and web sites in the cloud! With one drag, organizes your references! And with one more click, creates citations and a correctly formatted bibliography. Writing papers has never been easier!

Want to learn how to use Zotero? Stop by Calkins 106 or email us at



You can download Zotero for the Mac or a PC, to use with Firefox or as a standalone. Directions for all can be found here

Once you have Zotero on your computer, it is easy to start to use! Learn more with the Zotero LibGuide!