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Computer Repair Center - FAQ


What is spyware/malware?

Spyware or Malware (Malicious software) are programs that are installed on your computer without consent. These programs can collect personal information, install additional software, redirect web browsers, display unwanted pop up ads, etc.

How do I protect my computer from spyware or malware?

Beware of what you download from p2p networks such as Bearshare, Kazaa and Limewire. It is best to avoid these networks completely. For more information visit our illegal downloads page.  Ignore popups that offer free programs. Often spyware programs install as part of the agreement for use of the free program.
Beware of video streaming sites that require you to download additional software to view the videos.
Keep your machine updated.
Consider using an alternate browser such as Firefox.


Why is my computer is so slow even after I have deleted old files?

Unless Windows tells you that are you running low on disk space, deleting old files will not speed up your computer. If your computer is running slow, it maybe because you have spyware or you might need a memory upgrade.

Windows keeps on displaying a message, "Your system is low on virtual memory". What do I do?

If you are running multiple programs, you should close down whatever don't need. You will most likely see this message on machine with less than 1GB ram. You should considering upgrading your ram. Please visit or call the computer support center for more information.

My computer keeps on flashing a blue screen and restarting, what happened?


This is caused by a corrupted file system, virus or hardware issue. You should bring your machine to the computer support center for a free diagnostic.


My computer boots to a grey screen with a folder and question mark. What happened?


This is an indication that the computer can not find the operating system. This maybe a hardware or software issue.


Do I need anti-virus software to register my computer?

No, at this time anti-virus software is not required to register mac computers on the Hofstra network. Just access the pc registration site and follow the directions to download the "Dissolvable Agent" and scan your machine.


My computer started making a clicking noise. What's happening?

If your machine still boots, you should backup your data immediately!
It is possible the sound is a bad cooling fan but it is most likely signs of a impending hard drive failure. You should bring your machine to the computer support center for a free diagnostic.

Why did my harddrive fail?

Harddrives fail due to physical stress caused by heat, hard knocks, or wear and tear. As drives get old they are more likely to fail. You should always backup your data, whether your machine is old or new.

My computer keeps on restarting. What happened?

There can be many reasons for a computer to randomly restart.
Overheating – Fans can get clogged with dust, causing the unit to either shut down or reboot. You should dust out your machine with can of air every few months. Blow the air any vents and fan holes to blow out the dust.
Hardware failure – Faulty ram chips, harddrive, or systemboard.

The screen on my laptop is very dim, it wont light up. What happened?

Check the brightness is turned up. If it is, then it is possible that LCD backlight has failed. The LCD needs to be replaced.

My desktop won't power up anymore. What happened?

It is most likely a bad power supply unit. In some cases, a bad power supply can sometimes damage other components. You should bring your machine to the computer support center for a free diagnostic.


How do I backup my data?

First you must choose the media

USB Pen Drive
Portable External Hard Drive
External Hard Drive
Network F Drive
Online Backup

USB Pen Drive - Very small and portable. Great for backing up and transferring files between machines. Prices start at about 15 dollars for 1 gig. Good choice for laptop or desktop backup of documents.

Portable External Hard Drive - Small and portable. Good for backup up and transferring files between machines. Prices start at about 80 dollars for 80 gigs. Great choice for laptop backup of music, pictures and documents.

External Hard drive – Larger stationary drive. Good for backup of large files on desktop. Prices start at about 80 dollars for 200 gigs. Excellent choice for backup of entire desktop.

CDR/DVDR – Small and Portable. Good for archiving data and transferring between machines. Blank discs cost less than a dollar per disk. Practical choice for saving data.

Network F Drive – Nothing to carry around but requires network access. Good for backing up and transferring files between machines with network access. Good choice for network ready laptops or desktops.

Pen drives, portable external hard drives and external hard drives can be plugged into your computer usb port. They will show up on your machine as another drive. Backup up your data is as easy as copy and pasting your files to the new drive.

CDR/DVDR require that you run the burning software that came with your machine. Drag and drop the files you want to save to disc and burn your data to the disc.

Network F Drive is available from any Hofstra lab machine. It can also be accessed from your portal account.

Online Backups services such as dropbox  and mozy offer up to 2 gigs of storage for free. 


I heard that I could get viruses from the Hofstra network, is this true?

Although it is possible for some viruses to infect a machine just by connecting a network, we have done everything possible to stop this from happening. This is the main reason why Hofstra requires all machines on our network to run our anti-virus. 

How do conect to Hofstra wifi?

Click here for infomation.

How do I print to Hofstra printers?

Log into your portal account. Click the iprint icon on the top left side of the screen. Following the direction for installation and usage.

How do I register my iPhone, pda, or game console to the network?

Click Here. Select Internet Ready Devices, and follow the directions.

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