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Thirteen Hofstra Students Attended the 2005 AAA Meetings in Washington.
[Thirteen Hofstra Students Attended the 2005 AAA Meetings in Washington.]

Department of Anthropology
200 Davison Hall
Hofstra University
Hempstead, New York 11550

2016 (Volume 10)

Anne Cracchiolo The Discourse of Productivity Among Students and Faculty At Hofstra University: A Focus on Disability

2014 (Volume 9)

Tabitha Rose The Intimacy of Applications: The Materiality of Social Dating Apps within the College Community [Article #1] 

Ben Barringham The Importance of Openness in the Social Functions of an LGBT Church [Article #2]

Jessica Woodrow Mortuary Practices and Taboos in Long Island, NY [Article #3]

2013 (Volume 8)

Emily Weaver Forbidden: How Immigation Impacts Female Genital Cutting [Article #1]

Cory Koff White Racism Theory in America and Analysis of Discourse on Michael Richards’ Racial Gaffes [Article #2]

Carla Pozo-Insuasti Broken Silence: Mayan History, language Decipherment and the Impact of the Present-day Mayan Population [Article #3] forthcoming in September

2012 (Volume 7)

Emma Lagan Why They Belong and How They were Limited:A Study of Race and Occupation in Setauket, New York, 1850–1930 [Article #1]

Marleine Marcelin The Woman In the Mirror: Female Identity Development in a Cross-Cultural Context [Article #2]

2011 (Volume 6)

Joe Tonelli Stereotyping and Evolution [Article #1]

Katie Ardrey Stereotypes in Anthropology [Article #2]

Chris Oakland Graphic Prejudice in Comic Books: Cause or Symptom of Racism in American Culture [Article #3]

2010 (Volume 5)

Amanda Ortega The Disputed Neighborhood: Gentrification of “East Williamsburg” and Identity in the Shared Space [Article #1]

Jamie Atkinson "Life on the Green": An Analysis of an African-American Community in 19th Century Jamaica, Queens [Article #2]

2009 (Volume 4)

Sarah Skiold-Hanlin Sweden and the Integration of a Growing Iraqi Population [Article #1]

2008 (Volume 3)

Melissa Kroll Knowing We Are Evolved: The Key to Being Evolved [Article #1]

Nicole Spinelli Ethnography: “Strictly Steppin"[Article #2]

Sandeep Nair, Steve Orbon and Ashley Ratka The True Social Experience of Hofstra University Students [Article #3]

2007 (Volume 2)

Amanda Mowry A Critical Look at Anime: From Akira to Princess Mononoke [Article #1]

Han Man Woong A Critical Look at Millennial Monster: Japanese Toys and the Global Imagination [Article #2]

2006 (Volume 1)

Natalie Perry Polyamory:  An Anthropological Study [Article #1]

Hofstra Papers in Anthropology

Summer Dig in Lloyd Manor