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Math Tutoring Center

The Mathematics Tutoring Center is staffed by undergraduate and graduate students, and occasionally by a professor.  It is run by the Mathematics Department as a service to the students.  No appointment is needed; just stop by.  There is no cost to you.  You are welcome to stay in the Center and study, asking questions of the tutor as questions arise.

Ordinarily only one tutor is in the Center at a time; during busy times there may be more than one tutor present, but our funds do not permit this for more than only a few hours per week.  If you go when the Center isn't busy, you may have the tutor to yourself.  During most times, however, the tutor goes from one student to another, or works with one small group of students at a time.  The tutor will usually work with you for at most five minutes before going to work with other students and then returning to you 10 to 15 minutes later.   If you want to get the most benefit, it is therefore important to come prepared.  Here are some suggestions.

  • Sign the sign-in sheet when you first arrive.  A written record of how many students we serve, what the busiest times are, and in what course students are seeking help assists us in planning.
  • Bring your textbook, class notes, homework and calculator if appropriate.
  • Have specific questions.  It's not very helpful to tell the tutor you're confused about everything.  It's much more helpful to have picked out particular homework problems you are stuck on or particular topics or examples you want explained.
  • Seek out other students in the Center who are in the same course as you.  A lot can be accomplished by working in small groups, and it makes good use of the time you're waiting for the tutor.
  • Some tutors may not be prepared to tutor Math 45.  Math 45 students should refer to the tutoring schedule to find out when tutors are available who can help.  If there are asterisks next to some tutors' names, then these are the tutors who could assist you.  If there are no asterisks, all tutors can answer questions on Math 45 topics.
  • The Center does not commit to servicing all Math 30A students because topics in these courses are quite diverse.  Tutors may be familiar with some topics from these courses.  Ask your instructor for guidance before attending the Center.
  • Even though the tutors are very good mathematics students, they are still students, and so there may be occasional questions they can't answer.  Don't let this bother you; just return when a more experienced student or professor is in the Center.
  • Don't ask tutors to help you with a take-home test.  They are not allowed to do so.
  • The tutors have their own studies, so please don't bother them with questions when they are not working.  We all need our spare time.
  • The Center may have reduced hours, or may be closed, when classes are not in session, such as Fall or Spring Break, and the Thanksgiving recess.  Please note the days when closed as indicated above, and check the schedule on the door of 301 Roosevelt for any updates.
  • Subject to tutors’ availability, the Center should have extended hours during the week of final exams.  The week before finals, check the door for a copy of this schedule.
  • Try to avoid loud talking or distracting conversations when in the Center. 
  • If you have any questions or comments about the Center, please direct them to Professor Behailu Mammo, 311 Roosevelt Hall, (516-463-8693), email: matbzm[at]hofstra.edu.  Also, you may fill out a confidential lab evaluation form.  Ask the tutor for one as you leave the lab.
  • Mathematics Tutoring Center Final Exam Schedule