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Master's Degree Program in Industrial/Organizational Psychology Program Requirements

The M.A. in Industrial / Organizational Psychology comprises 15 courses totaling 44 credits. It is designed to be completed by full-time students in four semesters. Part-time students are expected to complete the program in three to four years. No more than six transfer credits are accepted towards the degree. These courses must be substantially equivalent to the courses given in the Hofstra University Program and must be completed with a grade of B or better. Each transcript is evaluated individually.

The following is a list of courses currently offered:

    • First Year, Fall Semester
      • Psy 283A Foundations of Industrial/ Organizational Psychology I (3 credits)
      • Psy 283B Foundations of Industrial/Organizational Psychology II (3 credits)
      • Psy 201 Graduate Statistics I (3 credits)
      • Psy 249 Current Theory and Research in Social Psychology (3 credits)
    • First Year, Spring Semester
      • Psy 203 Research Design (4 credits)
      • Psy 284 Personnel Selection (3 credits)
      • Psy 287 Training and Development (3 credits)
      • Psy 288 Motivation (3 credits)
    • Second Year, Fall Semester
      • Psy 299 Seminar – Market Research (3 credits)
      • Psy 290 Internship in Industrial/Organizational Psychology (3 credits)
      • Psy 286 Measurement of Work Performance (3 credits)
    • Second Year, Spring Semester
      • Psy 217 Organizational Development (3 credits)
      • Psy 293B Human Resource Management (3 credits)
      • Psy 291 Internship in Industrial/Organizational Psychology (3 credits)
      • Psy 274 Ethics and Professional Practices in Psychology (1 credit)

A qualifying examination must be taken and passed upon completion of 26 credits in the program. This examination is given in May and August of each year. Students may have two opportunities to pass the qualifying examination. In addition, students must maintain a B average with no more than one C per semester and no more than two Cs toward the M.A. Students who do not meet these requirements or who receive a D or an F in any course will be dismissed from the program. The student's professional competence, ethical behavior, interpersonal skills and general adjustment are assessed by the faculty throughout the program. These faculty assessments are discussed with each student on a yearly basis, or more often if necessary. All students in the program are expected to abide by the APA Code of Ethics. Students must maintain a satisfactory level of performance in these areas to continue.

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