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10 Reasons to Study Film at Hofstra

Film shoot on the roof

Learn the Craft

At Hofstra, you have an opportunity to learn all of the crafts that go into making a movie including: producing, directing, screenwriting, cinematography, editing, visual effects, color correction, sound recording, sound editing and mixing.

Get a real education

Film Studies and Production at Hofstra is based on a liberal arts education, so not only will you graduate with the skills to make a good film, you will also have something interesting to say.

Study the Greats

Film Studies is an integral part of your education at Hofstra. You will learn to understand film through its history, through genres, such as Horror or the Western; through Auteurs such as Hitchcock, or DePalma; through national identity, such as Italian Neorealism or the Hong Kong cinema. You can also take on the serious academic challenges of film theory and critical aesthetics.

film camera check

Learn to work like the Pros

At Hofstra, we teach you the same work practice that professional film crews use, and you practice on the same equipment which includes: 35mm film, 16mm film, digital cinema cameras and professional post-production facilities.

The best back lot in the world

Hofstra University campus is located 30 minutes outside of the greatest shooting location in the world: New York City. Greenwich Village, SoHo, East Village, Harlem, just to name a few, are the site of some of the greatest films ever made and maybe yours.

Great Faculty

Every one of our faculty members has extensive experience in the field, which they teach. New York City is also one of the greatest resources for guest instructors and lecturers.

The Heart of Independent Film

New York City is the heart of Independent Film, as well as commercials, music videos and corporate filmmaking, which means that you have access to the finest labs, facilities, actors and other resources in the world.


Our proximity to New York City also means that you can take excellent internships not just during one semester, but four separate semesters while you are at Hofstra University for no additional cost.

Get the Best of Both Worlds

Get all the benefits of New York City while enjoying the safety, convenience, facilities and experience of living on a great college campus.

Do your own thing

At Hofstra, you choose what kind of films you want to make; whether it’s drama, comedy, horror, action, experimental or documentary. The only limitation is your own imagination.


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