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What is Television In The 21st Century?

Is it that 46-inch rectangle by the couch in the living room? Or perhaps it’s watching last night’s sit-coms on your iPad? What about flipping through sports highlight videos on your smartphone? Television is a medium that has often been defined by it’s the delivery mechanism (remember when it was called the boob tube?). Fundamentally Television is storytelling, whether informative or entertaining, that can now be thought of as a form of communicative media that transcends how it is viewed, because it’s everywhere!

In the Hofstra TV program we prepare students for the future of the industry while establishing a solid foundation in its technical development and ever-evolving production methods. Our faculty boasts Emmy Award winners and a Fulbright Scholar with every professor having extensive Television production experience in a variety of fields. They teach not only the “how” but also the “why” in making critical decisions and aesthetic choices.

Through a variety of Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science programs we offer expert instruction in live studio production, digital graphics, professional editing software, Internet media, tapeless HD cameras, scriptwriting and critical studies. We provide an atmosphere where students can discover and develop their specific interests in order to best prepare for becoming a part of the expanding world of media known as Television.

Undergraduate Video/Television Programs and CoursesVideo/Television

Bachelor of Arts

  • Video/Television
    • Television Production/Post-Production Concentration
    • Television Writing/Producing Concentration

Bachelor of Science


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