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Field Work

Field experiences are integrated extensively into course curricula. A minimum of 100 clock hours of observation is required prior to those programs that require student teaching. At least one placement (SPED 201) will be spent in a site recognized by the New York State Education Department as high-needs. Placements are arranged by the Office of Field Placement.

Below, you will find a list of the special education classes that require field experiences:

CourseRequired Field Work
SPED 201 - The Exceptional Child 20 clock hours in high-needs district
SPED 207 - Introduction to Young Children With Disabilities   15 clock hours of site visitation including a high-needs district
SPED 208 - Educational Intervention for Young Children With Disabilities 15 clock hours to implement a cognitive curriculum for young children with disabilities
SPED 209 - Early Intervention: Infant Stimulation 10 clock hours to implement HELP curriculum for infants and toddlers with disabilities
SPED 210 - The Creative Arts in Special Education 15 clock hours to implement Start With Art curriculum for young children
SPED 211 - Knowledge and Strategies for Teaching Students With Cognitive Disabilities   10 clock hours in Grades 1-6
SPED 226 - Early Intervention and Related Services in Early Childhood Special Education 10 clock hours to observe PT/OT/speech pathology intervention for young children
SPED 238 - Field Experience 50 hours field placement in settings for special needs students, grades 7-12, in a variety of settings.
SPED 241 - Identification and Interventions for Children and Adolescents With Emotional/Behavioral Disorders


10 clock hours in Special K-6 Programs in a treatment facility, community support organization, or self-contained school setting for students with emotional/behavioral disorders.
SPED 242 - Psychoeducational Assessment in Special Education - 15 clock hours of individualized assessment with a student with special learning needs
SPED 245 - Curriculum and Methods for Students With Diverse Learning Needs - 20 clock hours in Individualized Instruction
SPED 248 - Education of Students With Autism Spectrum Disorders 15 clock hours in Special K-6 Programs for children with autism
SPED 249 - Understanding Physical, Sensory and Health Disabilities 15 clock hours (Grades 1-6) of site visitation at a center for students with multiple or severe disabilities
SPED 256 - Schoolwide Enrichment and Instructional Methods & Materials for Gifted/Talented Children 10 clock hours of participant observation and advisement.
SPED 259 - Introduction to Applied Behavior Analysis for Special Educators 20 clock hours of fieldwork will be completed in a setting utilizing applied behavior analysis.
SPED 277 - Technology and Assistive Technology in Special Education 15 clock hours in a local facility where assistive technology is prominently used by students with disabilities
SPED 293 - Understanding Students With Learning, Cognitive, and/or Emotional/Behavioral Disabilities 20-hour field placement in varied settings, grades 7-12.
SPED 294 - Strategies for Teaching Children with Autism and Moderate Intellectual Disabilities 15-hour field placement in varied settings, grade 7-12.

Student Teaching