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Dr. Tatiana Gordon has taught English to speakers of other languages in America, Asia and Europe. She earned a number of awards for excellence in teaching, including the 1997 Fulbright Memorial Scholarship. 

Professor Gordon has published articles and has given media presentations on immigration studies, linguistics and TESOL methodology. Her book Teaching Young Children a Second Language covers questions of interest to TESOL educator: Why do immigrant children leave their home countries and what are their journeys to the US like? How do young immigrants adjust to American culture? How do they learn English? What instructional strategies are effective in teaching immigrant students? Most recently, Professor Gordon published The Educator's Guide to Linguistics. This textbook is concerned with linking linguistic theory to classroom practice.

Professor Gordon is committed to helping education students become highly effective ESL teachers. She served on a committee charged with developing national standards for the ESL teacher preparation.

Tatiana Gordon, Ed.D.  
Associate Professor
Phone: 516-463-5170
Email: Tatiana.Gordon[at]

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