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From the Market to the Mall

February 7 - April 1, 2005
David Filderman Gallery, 9th floor, Axinn Library

Through the use of a variety of transportation systems, Long Island's goods have found their way to markets all over the world. And the change in the method of transportation, as well as the change in the market place, has had a very pronounced effect on Long Island! As we changed from an agricultural way of life to that of a community of suburban neighborhoods, our needs for goods and services has also changed. We have seen the evidence of this transformation as wagon sellers gave way to truck farms and then through the use of the railroad to distribute our goods. Eventually, we developed local groceries or "Mom and Pop" stores which dotted our Main Streets. Today, we have seen the growth of supermarkets and malls, both open-air and enclosed. This exhibit depicts both the historical and visual impact on our landscape and our neighborhoods as we have gone "From the Market to the Mall."

Geri Solomon, Guest Curator
Assistant Dean of Special Collections and University Archivist

From the Market to the Mall

  • Long Island farm with cows, circa 1890

  • D.J. McCarthy and Co., Hempstead, NY, circa 1880

  • Hofstra students at Roosevelt Field Mall, 1959

  • Loading trucks with produce onto the ferry at Orient Point, 1950's

  • Broadway Mall, photograph by Robert Harrison, 2005

  • Converging Voices: Gender and Identity
  • Women in Contrast