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Parking privileges are available to all Hofstra students free of charge.  Because space can be at a premium in certain locations on campus during certain times of the day, it is imperative that students follow all parking and vehicle regulations to avoid being issued a parking ticket or having their vehicle towed/booted.  Students should follow the guidelines below when they have evidence that a ticket/boot/tow as issued in error.


  1. Fill out the Student Parking Appeal form only if you are a currently registered student at Hofstra University. This form is for student appeals only. All other individuals (employees, visitors) should direct parking questions/appeals by contacting Public Safety at (516) 463-6606. 
  2. Please note that the Student Conduct Board can only consider those student parking appeals submitted within 10 business days of receiving the ticket.
  3. When appealing a ticket, you can either appear in person to present your case before the Student Conduct Board or have the Board review your written statement only.  Please mark your choice in the designated place on the appeal form.  If you choose not to appear, the Board will review your appeal based on your written statement and supporting documentation only; your presence/absence will not be a factor of consideration in determining the appeal outcome.
  4. Please check the appeal form for upcoming appeal dates and locations. 
  5. A copy of your ticket (both front and back sides) must be attached to the appeal form.  Appeals that do not include a copy of the ticket will not be considered.  If you lost your ticket, please contact the Public Safety Office at (516) 463-6606 to obtain the required ticket information. 
  6. All appeals must include a written statement explaining the circumstances leading up to the ticket being issued and an explanation of why the ticket was issued in error. This statement is to be attached to the appeal form.
  7. Additional supporting documentation and evidence (if applicable) is to be attached to the appeal form and will be considered along with your written statement at the discretion of the Student Conduct Board.  Supporting materials can include diagrams, photographs, documentation of an emergency (medical or otherwise), or anything else that will provide the Board with more information regarding the situation.
  8. The completed appeal form along with the required written statement, a copy of the ticket and any additional documentation, must be submitted at least one business day before the next scheduled parking appeal date.  Forms are to be submitted to the Office of Community Standards, Room 240 Student Center.
  9. The decision of the Student Conduct Board is final.  The Office of Community Standards will communicate appeal decisions via e-mail to the student’s Hofstra Pride account. 


When you are considering whether to appeal a parking ticket, please remember that the Student Conduct Board will review all appeals but can only grant appeals cases when:

  1. a ticket was improperly issued; or
  2. a student has a documented medical emergency that required him/her to park in an otherwise unauthorized spot (documentation must be provided); or
  3. a student with a delinquent notice provides documentation (receipt, cancelled check, credit card statements) showing that this ticked has been paid.

Therefore, you should avoid appealing a parking ticket in the following types of circumstances as the Student Conduct Board does not consider these to be valid reasons for overturning a ticket:

  1. you parked illegally (including, but not limited to, parking in the wrong parking lot, in a restricted parking space, or in an area not outlined for parking) and should have known this and parked elsewhere*; or
  2. you parked illegally because you were unable to locate a legal parking spot; or
  3. you parked in a handicap or fire zone but “only a few feet into the zone,” “slightly over the yellow/blue line,” or “only for a few minutes.”

*Please visit http://www.hofstra.edu/about/publicsafety/pubsaf_parking.html for more information regarding parking regulations at Hofstra University.

If you have further questions or need additional clarification regarding the information included within the Parking & Moving Violation Student Appeal Form, please contact: Office of Community Standards, 240 Student Center, (516) 463-6913.