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Hofstra Jump Start Summer Program

Week 1




The Difference Between High School and College

Learning Strategies-
Time Management

What are Accommodations and How do they Work?

The College Search Process- Finding the Right Fit

Assessing Strengths and Weaknesses


Higher Education and Your Rights/There are no IEP’s in College

Learning Strategies-Organizational Tools

The College Classroom and Expectations- Part I

Financial Aid and Admissions

Is College Right for Me and Am I Ready?

Readiness Inventory

The Liberal Arts Curriculum

Learning Strategies- Reading

Learning Strategies- Writing

Putting My Best Foot Forward- The college application and interview

The College Community-
Getting Involved

Service Project

Service Project

Service Project

Service Project

Week 2


Assistive Technology-

Library Research Skills- Part I

Library Research Skills- Part II

The College Classroom and Expectations- Part II

College Related Web Resources- Where to Get Help

Kurzweil Text Reader


Writing in College- Part I/The College Essay

Writing in College- Part II/The Research Paper

Email and Communication Etiquette

Nassau and Suffolk County Access Services

Learning Ally and Audiobooks


Note-taking Technology- Smart Pens

Independent Learning-
Taking responsibility

The College Community- Pursuing your Passions

Summing Up- My College Portfolio

Service Project


Service Project

Service Project

Service Project