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Senior Seminars: From Backpack to Briefcase Series
Sponsored by Student Leadership & Engagement

The Senior Seminars: Backpack to Briefcase Series offers our graduating seniors an opportunity to develop skills that will ease their transition from university life to their post-Hofstra endeavors. This Series, focusing on both professional and personal competencies, provides students with a fleeting opportunity to connect with various administrators in the Division of Student Affairs, while learning tips on how to live a productive and valued life. The workshops will be offered throughout the academic year, and are meant to be an avenue that encourage seniors to engage, reflect, and discuss various senior-related issues connected to their transition.

All Seminars are 6:15pm-7:15pm, in the Student Center unless otherwise noted. See schedule for details

October 1 – Opening Reception – SC Plaza East
Facilitated By: Karl Koeppel, Assistant Director OSLA

October October 8 - LinkedIN Power Hour- SC Multipurpose Rooms
Facilitated By: Career Center and Sigma Alpha Mu

October 9 - Resumes and Personal Statement Writing – SC Plaza West
Facilitated By: Kaitlyn Riley, Assistant Director Career Center

October 22 – Wellness Beyond Hofstra's Walls- SC Plaza West
Facilitated By: Pat Montagano, Sr. Asst Dean and Director of Recreation and Intramural Sports

November 5 – Learning how to cook – Netherlands Cafe
Facilitated By: Lackmann Head Chef

November 13 – Budgeting and Money Common Sense- SC Plaza East
Facilitated By: Jeannie Smith, Associate Director of Residential Programs

December 3 - Study Skills for Graduate School and Beyond (12-1pm) - SC Plaza East
Facilitated By: Jennifer Liebowitz, Assistant Dean, Academic Success Program

February 11 – Interviewing and Negotiating Job Offers-SC Plaza West
Facilitated By: Nayelli Perez, Assistant Director, Career Center

February 19 - Apartment Hunting and Living Off Campus- SC Plaza West
Facilitated By: Anita Ellis, Director of Off-Campus Living and Commuting Student Services

April 15 - Alumni Networking Panel- Making the most of your Hofstra Connections- SC Plaza West
Facilitated by: Office of Alumni Affairs

April 23 – Graduating and saying goodbye - SC Plaza West
Facilitated By: Karl Koeppel, Assistant Director OSLA & Pat Montagano, Sr. Asst Dean and Director of Recreation and Intramural Sports

Seniors are encouraged to attend as many sessions as they can.  Each time they attend, their name is entered into a drawing to win any of the following:

  • Senior Week tickets (1 package)
  • A Hofstra University Diploma Frame (1)
  • Other “Senior Swag”

Testimonials from last year’s Seniors:

  • “A must have series that teaches you the little things about post college life.  A spring board into the real world!”  - Amanda ‘ 13
  • Should be required attendance.  These were the frightful yet helpful tips to graduating and living a post-graduate life.” – Anonymous ‘13
  • These sessions truly makes you realize that school is going to end, whether you are ready or not… and life is going to begin.  Are you ready for it?”  - Damahl ‘13
  • “Brings to light real priorities that help even in your fleeting months as a Hofstra student.  Whether a job or grad school or still undecided, these sessions helped me realize all the things I didn’t know I wasn’t prepared for… then tells you how to prepare for them.” – Mike ‘13
  • “These seminars reminded me that there’s a whole slew of my peers experiencing the same issues, thoughts, worries, concerns,  etc.  I’m not alone!  The advice that was given put me at ease and lowered tension.  I felt more prepared than many of my friends who didn’t bother to attend.” – Bari ‘13