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Faculty Interests

Approximately 30 full-time psychologists are available in the department to provide guidance about specific areas in psychology. Feel free to consult with us.

Animal Behavior: Dr. Pineño
Behavior Analysis: Drs. Gilbert, Schare
Clinical Psychology (Adult): Drs. Gilbert, Guthman, Motta, Sanderson, Schare, Serper
Clinical Psychology (Child): Drs. Gilbert, Ohr, Scardapane
Community Psychology: Drs. Froh, Meller, Motta, Tsytsarev
Cognitive Psychology: Drs. Masnick, Ploran, Weingartner
Cross-Cultural / Ethnic Psychology: Drs. Shin, Tsytsarev
Developmental Psychology: Drs. Cox, Flaton, Gilbert, Masnick, Meller, Ohr, Shin, Valenti
Educational Psychology: Drs. Cox, Masnick, Ploran
Evolutionary Psychology: Dr. Sanderson
Forensic Psychology: Drs. Flaton, Tsytsarev
Health Psychology: Drs. Novak, Schare
Industrial/Organizational: Drs. Grossman, Liu, Nolan, Shahani-Denning, Shapiro
Neuroscience/Neuropsychology: Drs. Barkley-Levenson, Ploran, Serper, Shafritz
Positive Psychology: Dr. Froh
Psychometrics/Quantitative Psychology: Dr. Dill
Psychopathology: Drs. Sanderson, Schare, Serper, Shafritz
School Psychology: Drs. Froh, Gilbert, Meller, Motta, Ohr, Scardapane
Social Psychology: Drs. Johnson, Novak