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Female Engimeer


At the DeMatteis School, we are firmly committed to supporting the advancement of women in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math).

Throughout the year, female engineering and computer science students have the opportunity to connect, collaborate and inspire through a variety of on-campus and community based initiatives from our Annual DeMatteis Women in Engineering and Computer Science Luncheon and Annual Ada Lovelace Celebration to the Girl Scouts Hour of Code as well as a variety of networking events and activities hosted by the Society of Women Engineers (SWE).

And, our recently launched DeMatteis Peer Mentoring Program connects incoming female students with a current female student in a field related to their academic interests. Peer mentors help female engineering and computer science students navigate the transition into DeMatteis and to identify on-campus activities and opportunities for women in STEM at Hofstra.

W-SPiCE (Women’s Summer Program in Computing/Engineering) is a new initiative designed to engage highly motivated DeMatteis students in learning more about companies in specialty areas related to computer science and engineering, with a focus on how innovative women have advanced in these fields. Recognizing the underrepresentation of women leaders in the workforce in the fields of Computer Science and Engineering, DeMatteis seeks to educate its students about opportunities after graduation for women to advance in this area. The program is designed to help engaged students learn in a supportive, inclusive environment and to develop leadership and communication skills necessary to enter the workforce with confidence.

Prospective female engineering students who would like to connect with a peer mentor should send an email with your name, contact information and area of academic interest to:

Saryn GoldbergDr. Saryn Goldberg
Associate Professor
Mechanical Engineering

“Mentors are a powerful way to support female STEM students. I remember as an undergraduate student when I met my first female faculty member and saw an example of someone who was like me and was pursuing a career that I could envision for myself. Pairing prospective female engineering students with current students shows them examples of other women doing what they envision for themselves – it helps to transform studying engineering from a possibility into a reality.”

Computer Science:
Prospective female computer science students who would like to connect with a peer mentor should send an email with their name, contact information and area of academic interest to:

Gretchen OstheimerDr. Gretchen Ostheimer
Computer Science

“The women at DeMatteis benefit from the support of both our female faculty and our female student body. It’s our goal to nurture and encourage their interest in math and science and to expose them to motivated and successful female role models in their field.”

Womengineers at DeMatteis