Study Abroad

Financing Your Study Abroad

Studying abroad requires commitment, perseverance, and careful planning, especially with respect to finances. If you are currently receiving financial aid for your college education, in many cases you can use it to study abroad. If you are uncertain, we recommend that you speak to your financial aid counselor about what can and cannot be applied to study abroad.  We offer the following information regarding program costs, financial aid and scholarship funding as an aid to all current and prospective study abroad students in planning and financing their international experience.

Please note that a student’s enrollment in a program of study abroad approved for credit by Hofstra University may be considered enrollment at Hofstra for the purpose of applying for assistance under Title IV, HEA federal financial aid programs.

Cost Information for Hofstra Programs

All Hofstra short-term and semester programs have two costs:

(1) Program cost which includes roundtrip airfare, transfers, housing accommodations, meals, excursions, medical/accident insurance and

(2) Standard Hofstra University tuition/fees for either three or six credits.

Since short-term programs take place in the January and summer sessions institutional funding does not apply, as institutional funds are awarded as fall/spring awards.  Generally loans are the only financial aid available for short-term programs.  Any student interested in taking out a loan for a short-term program is requested to stop by the Office of Study Abroad Programs and complete a Financial Aid Form.  Students are requested to itemize the costs associated with the study abroad program which include: program cost, tuition/fees for three or six credits, travel, personal and books.  Once costs are totaled and the form is signed by either the Assistant Dean for Study Abroad Programs or the Program Director, the form is submitted to the Office of Financial Services as early as possible to ensure that the loan comes in well in advance of the desired program.  Note: Students must be at least half-time in courses required for their degree for Federal loans and only Private loans are available for January programs.

  • Hofstra University semester-length programs
    Hofstra University charges students a program cost and standard Hofstra University tuition/fees for the designated number of credits.  Financial aid is available, including institutional funding you have already been awarded.
  • Non-Hofstra University semester-length programs
     Hofstra University charges students the cost of the Host program which generally includes tuition/fees, room and board and other miscellaneous fees such as insurance. In addition to the cost of the Host program, Hofstra University charges an Administrative Fee. This administrative fee covers the costs associated with administering study abroad programs, including advisement, study abroad registration, study abroad transfer credit, foreign transcript evaluation, and other related administrative costs of operating various study abroad programs for our students. Financial aid is available for Host programs*. Note: If a student is already an institutional award recipient and registered full-time, that award may be applicable up to the tuition-only cost of the Host program.

    *Certain conditions apply. Students are encouraged to meet with both the Office of Study Abroad Programs and the Student Financial Services Office prior to enrolling in a Host program.