Study Abroad

Safety Measures for January Programs

Hofstra University
Office of Study Abroad Programs, Hofstra College

What safety measures are in place for our January programs in Athens, London and Venice?

Hofstra University’s highest priority is the safety of all its students abroad.  Here are several procedures in place:

  • All program directors and key offices on Hofstra campus including the Deans Office and Public Safety have emergency information provided by our participants regarding their health (i.e.: allergies, medical conditions,  prescription and over the counter medicine) in addition to parent/relative contact information should emergency treatment be warranted.  This information is vital should a medical situation occur overseas.
  • Public Safety has on file Director’s contact information abroad and a list of all student participants, and where they are staying in case the Program needs to be reached.  In case of an emergency, a director can call Public Safety at the following emergency number:  516-463-6789
  • All directors abroad can be reached by phone and/or email.  Both parents and students will have access to cell number and are encouraged to call when the program is running and during weekend independent travel.
  • Our study abroad programs include short-term medical and accident insurance.  Should a student request a doctor visit for a cold, flu, stomach virus, the student pays for the visit and once home puts in a claim to be reimbursed.  The conditions of this insurance are in the parent packet.  Should a parent desire additional coverage, he/she is requested to call our insurance carrier, Allen J. Flood Companies.
  • Students are informed about safety precautions during pre-departure program-specific meetings and pre-departure study abroad orientation program.  Once abroad, our programs discuss and review safety guidelines, emphasize the importance of following instructions and making good decisions and choices.

How is the safety of our students ensured during independent weekend travel?

We believe that independent travel is critical to a student’s international experience.  There are two free weekend and although we encourage travel outside of the host city, we respect a student’s decision for staying in the host city for one or even two weekends.  For those students who opt to travel outside of the host city, they are required to sign out (and furnish us with the name of the hotel, phone number and the names of other students who are traveling with the group). Students are required to sign in once they arrive back at the hotel on Sunday evening.  Programs do not impose a curfew; however, we ask that students come in no later than midnight, for their own safety.  Should they be late they are requested to call the Director and inform him/her.
We recommend that students travel in pairs or groups.  Students are requested to always be alert and aware of their surroundings and especially during independent travel

Are there other precautions being taken in the wake of the Paris attacks and the worldwide travel alert to ensure the safety of all students abroad?

All programs will now be registered through STEP (smart traveler enrollment program).  This program is run by the U.S. Department of State and assists Americans living abroad in the case of an emergency.  We are continually monitoring the U.S. State Department and the U.S. Embassy (in our international cities) websites for status updates in Greece, London and Venice.