High Impact Practices in Higher Education at Hofstra University

Students at Hofstra engage all across campus in what are now known nationally as high impact educational practices that deepen learning by making abstract concepts part of a lived experience or that link reflection with action, deliberation with discussion. Though acknowledging the importance of quiet study time, personal reflection and individual application to a task, High Impact Practices (HIP) tend to emphasize the active, social, community-based aspects of learning that complement and ground such individual efforts, that connects action and reflection, and that facilitate synthetic thinking. HIP facilitate critical and syncretic thinking that sees relations between different parts and sources, aspects and angles, and pulls those things together. That can also happen for one’s self only over time, as in the E-Portfolio or in Writing Intensive courses, where one reflects and reviews and revises. Any activity that engages the student and calls into question an idea, a theory, a concept or a practice, and its respective premises, in order to more fully understand it, is a High Impact Practice.