Hofstra Horizons - Research  Scholarship at Hofstra University

Article Selection

Hofstra Horizons is published annually by the Office for Research and Sponsored Programs of Hofstra University. Each issue is published both in hard copy and online featuring articles that describe some of the many research and creative activities conducted by faculty of Hofstra University.

In most cases, the Office for Research and Sponsored Programs will contact faculty directly to invite them to submit articles for Hofstra Horizons; however, we also welcome nominations and self-nominations - contributions of original manuscripts from full time faculty across the University's disciplines. On occasion, we may invite non-faculty to contribute articles that we believe to be of interest to the entire University community, such as in the case of our Spring 2002 issue which includes an article from Eve Glasser on the designation of the Hofstra University campus as an arboretum. Eve has authored more than 35 articles for the New York Times, primarily focusing on horticulture, and her article in Hofstra Horizons was very informative and very well received.

Because of our desire to include a broad range of academic disciplines in each issue of Hofstra Horizons, not all articles can be published. Therefore, faculty who wish to contribute an article for possible inclusion in Hofstra Horizons should contact either Alice Diaz-Bonhomme or Sofia Kakoulidis, providing a brief abstract (100-200 words) of the proposed article.

In general, faculty who wish to submit an abstract for consideration in the Spring issue of Hofstra Horizons should contact our office before September 30. Articles are typically 1,600 – 2,000 words in length and may include appropriate photographs, figures or tables.