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Distinguished Faculty Lecture Series


In all instances, the "lecturer" must be a full-time Hofstra faculty member. In the Fine Arts, a faculty member may illustrate/exhibit his or her work and offer a discussion which places the work in appropriate context. Performing artists may elect to offer an original work or an original interpretation. The following criteria apply:

  • The lecture is the fruit of original thought and research on a topic both representative of the faculty member's specialization and likely to attract and hold the interest of a wide, diverse audience. It is expected that this lecture will not have previously been delivered to the Hofstra community.
  • In style as well as substance, the lecture should constitute a model of academic discourse. To ensure such excellence, the lecturer is selected by means of a competitive process open to all full-time faculty applicants.
  • Unpublished material and material published within two years of the date of submission are acceptable. Please indicate how the material will be presented in lecture form, if deriving from a published item.
  • If the text submitted has been prepared for a specialized audience (for example, assuming technical information possessed only by specialists in the faculty member's field), a clear explanation of how this work will be adapted to a more general academic audience must be included.
  • The following are among the specific questions the committee considers when reviewing each proposal
    • Is the title of the lecture informative and likely to attract a large audience?
    • Will the language used in the lecture be technically correct and yet still understandable for individuals whose specializations are different from the Lecturer?
    • Will the Lecturer present the data so that the audience will be able to understand the overall significance of this work?
    • Will there be some general overview of the topic so that a nonspecialist attendee will be able to recognize the significance of this work?
    • Is there a clear "take-home message" for the audience?
    • Will there be audio visuals to augment the presentation? Will the format be suitable for a large audience?
    • Is the lecture suitable for the 30-40 minutes allocated?

Please provide enough information so that the committee can answer these questions. And please note, that these proposals are reviewed by the Committee without any indication of faculty name or school association, so we ask you to submit the copy without identifying information. I will have your name 'whited-out' in your accompanying memo before it is copied and distributed. Your assistance here will facilitate the process and be greatly appreciated.

We encourage your participation.