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Distinguished Faculty Lecture Series

Past Lecturers

1981-1982 Mary Anne Raywid
1982-1983 Frederick M. Keener
1983-1984 John DeWitt Gregory
1984-1985 Tadeusz K. Krauze
1985-1986 William F. Levantrosser
1986-1987 Charles F. Levinthal
1987-1988 W. Thomas MacCary
1988-1989 Dorothy Cohen
1989-1990 John E. Ullmann
1990-1991 Ignacio L. Götz
1992-1993 Eric M. Freedman
1993-1994 George D. Jackson
1994-1995 Lesley H. Browder, Jr.
1995-1996 Gary W. Grimes
1996-1997 Laurie Fendrich
1997-1998 Meena Bose
1998-1999 Stanislao G. Pugliese
1999-2000 Laura C. Otis
Fall 2000 Charles Merguerian
Spring 2001 Jacques D. Berlinerblau
Fall 2001 Craig M. Rustici
Spring 2002 Ronald H. Silverman
Fall 2002 John L. Bryant
Spring 2003 Richard J. Puerzer
Fall 2003 Alan J. Singer
Spring 2004 Joanna Grossman
Fall 2004 Benita Sampedro
Spring 2005 John Teehan
Fall 2005 J. Herbie DiFonzo
Spring 2006 Alafair Burke
Fall 2006 I. Bennett Capers
Spring 2007 Monroe H. Freedman
Fall 2007 Julie E. Byrne
Fall 2008 David Green
Spring 2009 Meena Bose
Fall 2009 Barbara Stark
Spring 2010 Harold Hastings
Fall 2010 Lisa M. Dresner
Fall 2011 Elizabeth Glazer
Spring 2012 Leslie Feldman
Fall 2012 Vimala Pasupathi
Spring 2013 Robert Brinkmann
Fall 2013 Robert Leonard
Spring 2014 Sina Rabbany
Fall 2014 J. Herbie DiFonzo
Spring 2015 No Lecture Held
Fall 2015 Alafair Burke
Spring 2016 John L. Bryant, Adam G. Sills, Vern R. Walker
Fall 2016 David Henderson
Spring 2017 Saryn R. Goldberg, Jennifer A. Gundlach, Amy M. Masnick, Jennifer A. Rich, Jessica R. Santangelo