Student Engagement and Learning

The Division of Student Engagement and Learning, under the direction of Vice Provost for Undergraduate Academic Affairs and Internationalization, Neil H. Donahue, supports initiatives to enhance the quality of student learning and achievement, and to celebrate student accomplishments, and to recognize innovations in classroom engagement and teaching practices.

As liaison from Academic Affairs, Vice Provost Donahue works closely with the Division of Student Affairs to coordinate efforts to expand, maintain and improve networks of student support. Specific areas of Student Engagement and Learning are:

  • Internationalization (including study abroad)
  • Undergraduate Research (promotion, facilitation, travel and funding)
  • Experiential Learning
  • Student Retention (an ongoing taskforce)
  • The Educational Advisory Board-Student Success Collaborative (EAB-SSC), an information-sharing and data-analysis platform, under implementation in 2016-2017
  • The First-Year Connections program, under the direction of Associate Dean Kristin Weingartner in Hofstra College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. The Provost's office sponsors during New Student Orientation the FYC Common Reading and the Common In-Sight (visual literacy) programs.

Vice Provost Donahue also edits the magazine Hofstra Horizons of Undergraduate Research and organizes Undergraduate Research Day every semester.

As University Fellowship Adviser, Vice Provost Donahue recruits and guides applicants for national and international post-graduate scholarships, such the Fulbright Scholarship, and many others: to that end he organizes information sessions and manages the Hofstra webpage Scholarship Nexus, which lists such highly competitive Prestigious Scholarships and provides links, tips and deadlines.

Along with the Retention Taskforce, the Provost's Office and Vice Provost Donahue will soon launch a new webpage and magazine called HIP@HOF: High Impact Practices in Student Engagement at Hofstra University, which will include both theoretical discussion and practical examples from the Hofstra community of: 1) Undergraduate Research; 2) First-Year Seminars / First Year Connections; 3) Common Intellectual Experiences; 4) LLCs – Living-Learning Communities; 5) Global Learning / Study Abroad / Cultural Diversity; 6) Writing Intensive Courses; 7) Experiential Learning / Internships; 8) Capstone Courses / Presentations-Performances / Departmental Honors; 9) E-Portfolios; 10) Service Learning / Community-Based Learning; 11) Collaborative Learning / Projects and 12) Digital Teaching / Teaching with Technology.

This Division of Student Engagement and Learning also oversees the Peer Teacher Program and student academic problems and appeals, including the processes of Academic Dishonesty, Academic Probation and Scholarship Review and Appeal (directed by Associate Provost Suzanne Pike, with the Academic Review Committee), and organizes the year-end Celebration of Scholarly Excellence that precedes the May commencement.


The Comments Form allows you to direct a comment about anything related to Academic Affairs at Hofstra to Neil H. Donahue, Vice Provost for Undergraduate Academic Affairs and Internationalization, who will review, respond and route further as needed. Please be as concise as possible. We appreciate your constructive concerns.


Open Ears Listening Tour

Arrange a Group Meeting with Neil H. Donahue, Vice Provost for Undergraduate Academic Affairs and Internationalization, to discuss matters of your concern.

The Provost's Office and the Division of Student Engagement and Learning are eager to your views and concerns and to discuss issues directly with different groups on campus. In Academic Affairs, we also partner with our colleagues in the Division of Student Affairs to listen to and learn from our shared students. I will be happy to meet with you as a small or large group for a discussion and then relay what I learn to the Provost; I’d also be glad to share and organize the meeting on your behalf with other faculty and administrators, as appropriate.

Please complete the form [click on the button below] to start the process and I will work with you to determine a time and place (and maybe refreshments!) and which personnel on campus could or should be invited to provide information and hear your views.

Individual students are always welcome to call Lisa Bellairs at x5400 to set up a one-to-one meeting with me.

Open Ears Listening Tour

Past and Upcoming Meetings

Luncheon at the University Club: 8 students, April 7th, 2017
International Student Forum in the Greenhouse, April 24th, 2017