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Office of Sustainability

Hofstra University Custodial Services - Green Cleaning Policy

Green cleaning standards and best cleaning practices are implemented to ensure students, faculty, staff and campus visitors are not exposed to potentially harmful chemicals, and to limit and/or minimize any potential adverse effects on people and the environment.

The University utilizes green cleaning processes and procedures that consider the balance between cost, effectiveness, safety, environmental impact, equipment, industry standards and final disposal of product.

Every effort is made to use third party “certified green” cleaning products where and when chemicals, cleaning agents, and cleaning equipment are in use.

The University is committed to maintain the highest level of environmental performance for campus custodial services by:

  • Continually educating, training, and motivating our custodial staff to work in an environmentally responsible manner.
  • Using cleaning products that meet Green Seal standard GS-37 or products with
  • low-volatile organic compounds (VOC) whenever applicable. An allowance for cleaning chemicals otherwise prohibited may be made in cases where the product application or sanitation requirements (health care, food service) are such that there is no appropriate alternative green cleaning product available. We will limit disinfectant applications to the appropriate setting, amount, and target organism.
  • Minimizing the use of aerosols.
  • Using paper and plastic products that meet EPA standards with high post-consumer recycled content.
  • Using concentrated cleaning products when available that are automatically and accurately diluted using cold water.
  • Use of preventative products such as entrance matting shall be utilized where practical to minimize cleaning needs.
  • Using cleaning systems such as micro-fiber mops and dust cloths where appropriate to clean without water or chemicals.