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Sustainability at Hofstra University

What's new!

Princeton Review Names Hofstra to Green Guide since 2011

The Princeton Review Guide to 332 Green Colleges for 2014 recognized Hofstra for it’s strong commitment to sustainability in their academic offerings, campus infrastructure, activities, and career preparation ’ forthe fourth year in a row.  In partnership with the U.S. Green Building Council , Princeton Review has set standards for a more sustainable campus that Hofstra continues to meet.  Visit the campus or the Sustainability, Environmental Stewardship and Ecology page to learn more

Saving Plastic and Drinking Water

Hofstra is saving over 300,000 plastic water bottles, by providing drinking water at refill stations around the campus. We have 20 'Hydration Stations' and are adding more every month- click here for the list of locations.

Lighting Upgrades and Savings 

For every replacement of a flood light to LED, Hofstra uses 1/3 of the wattage, the bulb will last 10 times longer and up to five years without a change.  The savings and rebates are used to purchase and install more lightbulbs each year.  

Room Occupancy Sensors

Occupancy sensors control the use of electricity for unoccupied spaces to provide more savings.

Saving Energy with Air Conditioning and Window Replacement

Classroom buildings and Residence Halls are rapidly becoming energy efficient with upgrades or replacements of heating, air conditioning and windows.

Campus Conservation Nationals Competition

Engage, educate, motivate, and empower students to conserve resources in their residences. Hofstra Resident Students are competing against between Residence Halls February 4th – April 26th 2013.  Students can view their results using the Participating schools are given access to a Building Dashboard® to enter data from their utility meters, instantly compare performance, share winning strategies, and track standings among the leading schools and buildings.View our 2012 competition results.

New! Reduce Reuse Recycle

Hofstra is sorting in many campus locations, including Dining and Residence Halls.  New efforts to expand the campus awareness this year include the Green Move Out, Island Harvest Meal Plan donations, Bir Brother/ Big Sister clothing collection and Freecycling. Click here for more information.  Selected Residential facilities are educating and acting to sort and dispose of waste, leading the way to develop new programs and procedures.

Environmental Protection Agency and Green Energy Purchases

Hofstra University is now purchasing 6 million kilowatt-hours (kWh) of green power annually, which is enough green power to meet 10 percent of the university's electricity use. See the Press Release.