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Privacy Statement:
It is Hofstra University's policy to restrict public access to the telephone numbers and E-mail addresses of its students. We do wish to provide a means by which individuals may contact a Hofstra student. However, this service provides a mechanism by which you may let a student know that you wish to make contact by electronic mail.

The Service:
This service will locate the student with the name that you are looking for and mail to them both your name and your return E-mail address. If the student wishes to make contact with you, they may do so - the choice is theirs. All students at Hofstra have E-mail addresses. However, this does not mean that they all actively use their E-mail. If you do not receive a reply, it may mean that the person does not choose to reply, or it may mean that the person is not reading their E-mail.

In some instances a search may indicate that more than one person with that exact name is a student at Hofstra. In this event, the service will send to all of them automatically since we have no means to further identify them.

Detailed Instructions:
Last Name - Type in the last name of the person's name, whose E-mail you are searching for. First Name - Type in the first name of the person's name, whose E-mail you are searching for.

Exact Match - Please type in the exact last name and/or first name. Then click on the Search button.

Partial Name Match - You may use the "*" character as a wildcard before, after or on either side of a partial name search, e.g., Jon* would retreive Jones and Jonnas etc. Other examples: *ey would retrieve Leuey, Heuey and Deuey and *anna* would retrieve Hanna and Manna.

Search Button - When you click here with your mouse it performs your E-mail search.

Clear Button - When you click here it clears the form and it allows you type in a new E-mail search.

Search Results Page - After you click on the "Search" button this page reveals your search results.

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