Diversity & Inclusion

President’s Message

A diverse and free community is critical to the success of a great university, and Hofstra University has long had a sustained commitment to fostering an atmosphere of tolerance, understanding and interconnection with each other and with the world around us - local, national and international.

Hofstra has nurtured a multicultural community that represents individuals of differing genders, colors, ethnic backgrounds, sexual orientations, religions, ages, physical and learning abilities, socioeconomic statuses, and marital statuses. We are a multicultural nation increasingly connected to the other nations of the world through technology and globalization. A learning environment that reflects the larger society prepares students to enter and play a significant role in the world.

A diverse university community enhances education. The multiple perspectives and ideas brought to discussions by people of different backgrounds create a stimulating intellectual environment for our students. Exposure to diverse viewpoints also fosters the development of tolerance and open-mindedness, preparing students to become active, engaged citizens within a democratic society.

For all these reasons, Hofstra is guided by a policy of diversity in all areas of the University - from student admissions, to faculty hiring to the development of new academic programs and the student clubs and organizations we offer. Our diversity policy reflects Hofstra’s ongoing University-wide effort to provide the best possible education to our students and to prepare them for successful futures.

As you review this website, you will find out more about how we are embracing and encouraging diversity in all its forms.

Stuart Rabinowitz

President Rabinowitz