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Ensuring a Diverse Faculty

Faculty Exchange

Hofstra established an agreement with Claflin University to exchange faculty as part of an ongoing program to establish closer ties with Historically Black Colleges & Universities. | more |

  • Professor Carol Simon, Library Services, Hofstra University, Spring 2013
  • Professor Nesan Sriskanda, Engineering and Math, Claflin University, Spring 2013
  • Professor Arthur Dobrin, School for University Studies, Hofstra University Spring 2012
  • Professor Gaynell Gavin, Department of Political Science, Claflin University, Spring 2012
  • Professor Lori Ultsch, Department of Romance Languages and Literature, Hofstra University, Spring 2011
  • Professor Millicent Brown, Department of History, Claflin University, Spring 2011
  • Professor Anthony Dardis, Department of Philosophy, Hofstra University, Spring 2010
  • Professor Corrie Claiborne, Department of English, Claflin University, Spring 2010 | more |
  • Professor Babrara Lekatsas, Department of Comparative Literature and Languages, Hofstra University, Spring 2009.
  • Professor Ronald B. Neal, Department of Philosophy and Religion, Claflin University, Spring 2009.
  • Edythe Boyer Jones, Department of Biology, Claflin University, Spring 2008
  • Shalon Irving, Department of Sociology, Hofstra University, Spring 2008
  • Dr. Daniel T. Sciarra, Department of Counseling, Research, Special Education and Rehabilitation, School of Education Health and Human Services, Hofstra University, Spring 2007. | Diversity In and Out of the Classroom |
  • Professor Annette Grevious, Department of Speech and Drama, Claflin University, Spring 2007.