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Human Resources
Chronicle - 2017 - Great Colleges to Work For - Nine Consecutive Years

Healthcare Coverage

Hofstra University provides full-time administrators with individual and family healthcare coverage on a contributory basis.  Information concerning eligible dependents may be obtained through the Office of Human Resources.  Employee healthcare contributions are deducted from the administrator’s paycheck on a pre-tax basis.

Employee Healthcare Contribution Percentage (monthly)
















Applying for Coverage/Effective Dates
Administrators must apply for coverage at the time of employment or during an open enrollment period. The Office of Human Resources must receive the completed forms within the first 31 days of work.  If an administrator does not enroll when first eligible, or chooses not to enroll a dependent when first eligible, the administrator must wait until the next annual open enrollment period which occurs prior to the start of the calendar year.

Adding New Dependents
Administrators may add new dependents to their coverage if enrolling them within 31 days of the date they become dependents.  The appropriate forms must be completed for each new dependent.  If the dependent is not enrolled within the first 31 days of becoming a new dependent, the administrator must wait until the next annual open enrollment period.  Typical reasons for adding a new dependent include marriage or the birth or adoption of a child.  The administrator is required to provide sufficient proof of eligibility at the time of enrolling the new dependent (i.e. marriage license, birth certificate or adoption papers).

Change of Plan Selection
A change in plan selection may be made during the open enrollment period of each year which occurs prior to the start of the calendar year.

Waiver of Healthcare Coverage
Administrators who chose to waive healthcare coverage may do so by completing a Waiver of Health Coverage Form and by providing proof of insurance elsewhere (i.e. covered under spouse’s medical plan, retiree coverage from previous employer, etc.).  An administrator who waives healthcare coverage is entitled to a $1,000 opt-out benefit that will be paid over 24 pay periods each year.

Announcement: Please be advised the Medical Buy Out payment for employees who receive health care benefits outside of Hofstra will be discontinued for Administrative employees effective, December 31, 2017. Administrative employees will receive more information in the upcoming Open Enrollment sessions.

In the event the administrator subsequently loses coverage as a result of a “qualifying event” (as defined in the Summary Plan Description) the administrator will be given the opportunity to participate in the University Healthcare Coverage plan providing s/he notifies the Office of Human Resources within 31 days of losing coverage.  The opt-out cash benefit will be discontinued once the administrator is enrolled in the plan.

If an administrator leaves the employment of the University, s/he is eligible to continue healthcare coverage under COBRA.  All departing administrators receive a summary of COBRA rights and benefits from the Office of Human Resources.  For more information please refer to COBRA - Termination of Health Benefits on this website.

Contributory Dental Benefits
If an administrator selects a health care plan that does not include dental coverage, s/he may enroll in the contributory dental benefits plan.  This dental plan is designed to provide preventative and diagnostic coverage and, is available for full-time individual administrators only.  There is no family coverage under this plan.  The University pays a portion of the premium and the balance is paid by the administrator.  For more details regarding the contributory dental plan, please contact the Office of Human Resources.

Chronicle - 2017 - Great Colleges to Work For - Nine Consecutive Years