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Human Resources
Chronicle - 2017 - Great Colleges to Work For - Nine Consecutive Years

Human Resources Staff Directory

Office of Human Resources
Cunningham, Denise Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO) (516) 463-6473
Silverman, Eileen HR Client Services Administrator & Assistant to CHRO (516) 463-6864
Geraldine Boalick Clerk Specialist (516) 463-6859
Client Services and Employee Relations
Sokoli, Michelle Associate Director, HR Client Services & Employee Relations (516) 463-6861
Eason, Sherise HR Client Services Administrator (516) 463-6858
Hinds, Pearl HR Client Services Coordinator (516) 463-5102
Benefits Administration
Radicone, Denise Sr. Associate Director, Benefits Administration (516) 463-4376
Shelley, Jeanna-Michelle Senior Benefits Specialist (516) 463-6956
Murrell, Shanelle Benefits Specialist (516) 463-6876
McCormack, Sabrina Benefits Coordinator (516) 463-5366
Healy, Carrie Associate Director, Human Resources Informations Systems (516) 463-6598
Moy, John Senior HRIS Analyst (516) 463-6860
Brown, Karen HRIS Analyst (516) 463-6784
Office of Student Employment
Dotson, Betty HR Administrator, Office of Student Employment (516) 463-6785
Tverberg, Janice HR Administrator, Office of Student Employment (516) 463-6783
Learning and Development
Lorentzen, Elizabeth Manager, Learning and Development (516) 463-7442

Chronicle - 2017 - Great Colleges to Work For - Nine Consecutive Years