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South Campus Smoke-Free Policy


Hofstra University is committed to promoting a healthy and safe environment for all community members. In support of this goal, Hofstra University has designated its South Campus a "smoke-free" environment. This policy further expands the University's long-standing no smoking policy inside all campus buildings.


The health and safety of our community is a top priority for Hofstra University. This policy serves to provide a "smoke-free" environment in all buildings and on all exterior grounds located within the South Campus boundary.

Research findings show that smoking and breathing in second hand smoke constitutes a significant health hazard. The policy aims to reduce the health risks related to smoking and secondhand smoke for our community.


This policy applies to students, faculty, administrators, staff, contractors, vendors, and visitors on Hofstra's south campus.


  1. Smoking- burning of tobacco or any other material in any type of smoking equipment, including but not restricted to cigarettes, e-cigarettes, cigars, or pipes.
  2. "South Campus" Boundary - the entire area of the Hofstra Campus located south of Hempstead Turnpike.


  1. All Hofstra community members are responsible for complying with this policy. The University expects that both smokers and non-smokers will cooperate in adhering to this policy in an atmosphere of mutual respect and consideration.
  2. University "Smoke Free" signs are installed across south campus at entrance walkways, parking lots, buildings entrances, and along heavily trafficked areas. All cigarette containers (ashtrays) have been permanently removed from south campus.
  3. The University shall offer smoking cessation programs during the course of the year to assist community members who desire to stop smoking.
  4. The University shall undertake an aggressive publicity campaign to promote this policy, including HOFNEWS announcements, web page information and FAQ's.
  5. Student Affairs shall undertake an informational campaign for students.
  6. This policy will be attached to all Facility Use Agreements so that visitors to our campus are informed of this policy.
  7. The University strongly encourages all community members to promote compliance with this policy by reminding fellow colleagues, as necessary, that South Campus is a Smoke Free area.
  8. Public Safety Officers will inform anyone observed smoking that South Campus is a smoke-free zone and instruct the person to stop smoking immediately.
  9. As per Hofstra Human Resources Polices and the Guide to Pride, Code of Community Standards, any community member that knowingly violates any University policy may be subject to appropriate disciplinary action.


The sale of any type of tobacco product is strictly prohibited at all Hofstra owned properties.

For more information regarding this policy please visit the South Campus Smoking Ban Frequently Asked Questions Webpage.

Approved by University Senate on 10/13/14
Approved by Faculty on 11/17/14
Approved by Provost on 12/8/14
Final approval by President on 12/9/14
Last Revised 01/23/15 HU Doc 8982