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Human Resources Policies

Vacation / Paid Leave

The University provides paid leave to administrators as described below:

All full-time administrators accrue 1.83 days of vacation/leave time for each full month of employment for a total of 22 days of paid vacation/leave in each year of employment.  Part-time administrators accrue .9 days of vacation/leave time for each full month of employment for a total of 11 days paid vacation/leave in each year of employment. 

Vacation/leave time accrues as of September 1st of each year and is prorated from the date of employment for the academic year in progress.  Vacation/leave time may be taken in advance of accrual, subject to adjustment where applicable upon separation.  All time accrued must be used by August 31st which represents the end of the academic year.  Unused time is not carried forward to the new academic year.

In addition to paid vacation/leave time, the University has long-term and short-term disability policies for administrators and paid University Holidays, which days are published annually.

Department Approval
Vacation/leave time must be scheduled with and approved by the administrator’s department head.  Requests for vacation/leave time should be submitted as far in advance as possible. 

In the event of the separation of the administrator from employment with the University, unused vacation/leave time accrued as of date of termination will be paid in the final paycheck or shortly thereafter and advanced vacation/leave time will be adjusted as appropriate. 

Floating Holidays
In addition to vacation/leave time, full-time administrators may also elect 2 floating holidays to be taken as religious holidays or during spring recess, in accordance with their supervisor’s approval and operating requirements of the department.  These floating holidays may not be taken in half-days or hours.

Sick Time
Administrators may use vacation time for unscheduled sick leave.  The University reserves the right to require medical documentation for sick leave in appropriate circumstances. 

All full and part-time administrators are eligible for bereavement leave.  An administrator may take up to 5 days of paid leave for a death in the immediate family.  Immediate family includes: spouse, eligible same-sex domestic partners, child, mother, father, sister, brother, mother and father-in-law, brother and sister-in-law, grandparent and grandparent-in-law.  If additional time is needed, vacation leave or unpaid leave may be taken with supervisory approval.  Bereavement leave must be authorized by the administrator’s supervisor.

Administrators must notify their manager of the need to use bereavement leave as soon as reasonably possible.  Administrators may be required to provide verification of need when requested (obituary, death certificate, etc.).

Jury Duty
Full-time administrators who are called to jury duty will be paid for up to 10 days in any calendar year.  Any time in excess of the applicable maximum may be charged to vacation/leave time or leave time without pay. 

Part-time administrators who are called to jury duty will be paid for up to 3 days of service, but only to the extent of time they are scheduled to work during jury service.

The administrator is responsible for informing the court about any hardships created by being assigned to cases that may extend beyond the allotted 10 (or 3) days of jury duty pay.  Administrators should provide reasonable advance notice to their supervisor of their jury duty summons and, upon request of their supervisor, must provide a proof of service from the court. 

Administrators should return to work each day or portion of day they are not selected for service.

Witness Duty
An administrator who is subpoenaed to appear in court or who elects to appear in court for a non-work related matter will not receive paid time off.  Vacation/leave time should be used in these instances.

Notice of Summons/Subpoena
The administrator should immediately notify his/her supervisor upon receipt of the notification to serve on a jury or to act as a court witness.  The administrator is required to provide copies of the jury summons or subpoena to his/her supervisor and the Human Resources Department. 

These policies do not form a contract of any kind and can be modified at the discretion of Hofstra University or in accordance with the law without notice.