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Emergency Procedures
In case of an emergency, call 516-463-6789

Evacuation Procedures

Evacuation is necessary when any building becomes uninhabitable because of an event such as a fire, flooding, gas leak, contamination, pandemic flu, extreme weather conditions or the loss of critical services. The response depends on the extent of the emergency. Hofstra community members should familiarize themselves with the evacuation routes posted in the buildings that you live in or use frequently. If an evacuation order is issued for your building, fully cooperate with Public Safety/emergency personnel and:

  • Take keys, wallets and essential belongings with you
  • If possible wear weather appropriate clothing
  • Do NOT use elevators
  • Close, but do NOT lock doors
  • Provide assistance to those with physical disabilities
  • Evacuate in a safe and orderly fashion to the evacuation assembly point for that building and await additional instructions.

General Evacuation Procedures

Public Safety Officers will decide whether immediate evacuation is necessary. Evacuees will be moved to a staging area where University personnel will conduct a census to establish that the evacuation is complete. To determine the location of your staging area, please see the attached Emergency Evacuation Assembly Points map.  

Evacuation of Individuals with Physically Disabilities

Public Safety Officers will assist individuals with physical disabilities in an evacuation, making every attempt to lead them to safety. Hearing-impaired students have TTY phone capability in their residence hall rooms and the fire alarm system is connected to strobe lights.

If you have a disability that could impair your ability to perform any of the above:

  • Please inform Public Safety or the Services for Students with Disabilities Office of your circumstances upon arrival to campus and request a meeting to discuss any special emergency response accommodations needed.

If you are a resident student:

  • Please note that a master list of all resident students requiring assistance during a building evacuation is maintained by the Department of Residential Programs. Please contact your Resident Assistant to insure inclusion on that list.

Any student may:

  • Call the Department of Public Safety at x36789 or 911 and tell them where you are and what assistance is needed.
  • Notify their professor that assistance will be needed if an evacuation is deemed necessary

Short Term/Medium Term/Long Term Evacuations

Short Term

When students must occupy temporary quarters for a relatively short predictable period of time:

  • Students will be moved to lounges in the nearest safe residence hall.
  • If residence-hall lounges are not available, students will be moved to lounges in the nearest non residence-hall building, Student Center or Hofstra USA.
  • Emergency workers and/or University personnel will provide services as needed (medical care, food, shower, etc.)
Medium Term

The University will use the Physical Education Center and/or the Arena as a housing area when lounge space is insufficient to handle the number of evacuees. Proper bedding will be provided with the help of Conference Services.

  • Students will be housed in lounges and other public spaces on campus that can accommodate them satisfactorily.
  • Students will be assigned to vacant spaces in the housing system.
  • Students will be assigned to already-occupied spaces in the housing system.
Long Term

When it is impossible to predict how long students will have to occupy alternative quarters:

  • The University will take the same steps as for a medium-term evacuation, unless a substantial part of the campus is under an evacuation order.
  • If evacuees must be moved off-campus, the Director of Public Safety will coordinate transportation with the use of university buses

In case of an emergency, call 516-463-6789