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Emergency Procedures
In case of an emergency, call 516-463-6789

An Introduction to Hofstra’s Emergency Response Plan

Welcome to an overview of Hofstra University’s Emergency Response Plan.

Hofstra University’s Emergency Response Plan has several elements. The plan outlines sample procedures for responding to the types of crises that a college campus might experience, as well as outlines how the Hofstra community can get information during a crisis.

The most important element of any crisis plan is communications. Whether or not you understand the various procedures for any given crisis, you need to be able to access correct and timely information to keep yourself safe. And since the Hofstra campus operates 24 hours a day, with more than 15,000 faculty, staff, and residential and commuter students coming and going, our Crisis Management Team has designed the Campus Alert Notification Network, or CANN, system, an integrated, multi-channel communications system. Please learn more about CANN and how to access information in the Getting Information section of this site.

As members of this community, it is important for each of us to understand our roles and responsibilities, and to be prepared to respond if a crisis occurs. Please take a few minutes to look through this website.

The plan, which is provided in its entirety to division leaders across the campus, was drafted by the Hofstra University Public Safety Department in consultation with members of the Nassau County Police Department and the Nassau County Office of Emergency Management as well as members of the Hofstra Administration.

For more information about Hofstra University’s Department of Public Safety, a highly-trained professional unit of 65 full and part-time staff, as well as safety tips and statistics, please visit Public Safety’s website.

Mission Statement

The Hofstra University Emergency Response Plan is a procedural document for organizing, coordinating and directing available resources toward the control of an emergency. The plan includes a chain of command establishing the authority and responsibility of various individuals. As with any document of this nature, the plan should be seen as a living text, subject to changes, update and revision as the environment of the University changes.

In case of an emergency, call 516-463-6789