Academic Calendar

January 2020

Not all courses conform to the standard session dates. Please see individual courses for exact dates.

Subject to change.

Dates Days  
October 6 Sunday Registration begins for Graduate and Undergraduate students at 10 p.m.
January 1 Wednesday New Year's Day - University Closed
January 2 Thursday Classes Begin
Last day to register or add a course online.
January 3 Friday

Department permission required to add classes. Override form required to register.

Absolute last day to register or add a class.
Last day to drop a course without receiving a "W" grade on transcript.
Last day to file the Pass/D/D+/Fail form.
Last day to file the Repeat Course form.

January 15 Wednesday Classes end for two-week session.
January 20 Monday Martin Luther King, Jr. Day - University Closed
January 23 Thursday Classes end for three-week session.
Two days before the last session in a January term class Last day to withdraw from a course. 
Dates Days  
December 4, 2019 Wednesday Bill Payment Due
December 5, 2019 Thursday Late payment fee assessed ($50) 
January 3, 2020 Friday Late registration fee begins ($100)
January 3, 2020 Wednesday Change of program fee begins ($25)
January 2, 2020 Thursday 100% Tuition Refund
January 3, 2020 Friday 75% Tuition Refund
January 4, 2020 Saturday 50% Tuition Refund
January 5, 2020 Sunday 25% Tuition Refund

Students are responsible for adhering to the published deadlines. Click the "Fee Information" tab at the top of this page.

NOTE: Unregistered students who remain in courses will not be allowed to register after this deadline and will forfeit any credit/grades that they feel they are entitled to by virtue of attending the course(s) in question.

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