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Hofstra University Bulletin Archive 2001-2002

The sections of the 2001-2002 Hofstra Bulletin are available here in Adobe Acrobat format.

These documents are for your convenience only. To request the Official Bulletin in print format, call 1-800-HOFSTRA or go to the Inquiry Page.

For your convenience we are providing a link to Adobe if you do not have Adobe Acrobat plugin installed in your browser.
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Pages 3-7

Goals: Hofstra and You - Page 3
Table of Contents - Pages 4-5
Trustees of Hofstra University - Page 6
Hofstra at a Glance - Page 7

Pages 8-133

Academic Organization - Pages 8-13
Facilities and Services - Pages 14-25
Tuition and Fees - Pages 26-27
Financial Aid, Honors and Awards - Pages 28-50
General University Information - Pages 51-54
Undergraduate Admissions - Pages 55-59
Undergraduate Programs - Pages 60-72
Graduate Admissions and Programs - Pages 73-80

Hofstra Schools:

Hofstra College of Liberal Arts and Sciences - Pages 81-88
New College - Pages 89-101
Zarb School of Business - Pages 102-114
School of Communication - Pages 115-118
School of Education and Allied Human Services - Pages 119-127
School of Law - Page 128
School for University Studies - Pages 129-133
Honors College - Page 133A-D

Pages 134-251

Academic Departments and Course Descriptions: A-Gerontology

Pages 252-322

Academic Departments and Course Descriptions: Gerontology-Philosophy

Pages 323-431

Academic Departments and Course Descriptions: Philosophy -Writing - Pages 306-419
Labor Studies - 419A
Provisional Courses - Pages 420-431

Pages 432-446

Hofstra Map - 432-433
The Administrative Staff - Pages 434-443
University Senate Committees - Pages 443
Academic Chairs and Distinguished Professorships - Pages 444-446

Pages 447-488

The Faculty

Pages 489-500

Hegis-Index - Pages 489-490
Index - 491-498
The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, Title IX and Colophon - Pages 499-500