Hofstra University Continuing Education

School Emergency Management Certificate Program

Hofstra University Continuing Education offers a School Emergency Management Certificate Program. This 24-hour program covers numerous areas related directly to school emergency management and is for school personnel, board members and Parent-Teacher Association members interested in keeping schools safe for students and staff. Courses can be taken individually or as part of the certificate program.

Non-Credit Certificate Program Requirements
The Emergency Management Certificate Program for Schools requires successful completion of eight (8) required courses.

Required Courses
H3440 - Overview of Emergency Management in Schools
H3441 - Incident Command Center Procedures and Protocol
H3442 - After-Hours Emergency Preparedness
H3443 - Establishing and Implementing a School District Emergency Management Program
H3444 - Establishing a School Security Program
H3445 - How to Conduct Emergency Preparedness Exercises and Drills
H3446 - Police Response: What to Expect
H3447 - O.E.M Role: Before, during and After an Emergency

Professional Development

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