Hofstra University Continuing Education


Insurance Licensing Course Offerings
H7100 Life/Accident and Health Insurance Agents Training Course Get Class Info
H7111 Insurance Brokers Qualifying Course Get Class Info
H7115 Property & Casualty Cram Course Get Class Info
H7112 Insurance Pre-Qualifying Personal Lines Course Get Class Info
Continuing Education for Insurance Licenses Course Offerings
H7138 Workers Compensation and Disability Laws & Procedures (NYCR-245293) Get Class Info
H7147 The Story of Insurance: A History of Managing Risk (NYCR-245577) Get Class Info
H7148 Coverage Change in CGL Policies (NYCR-252632) Get Class Info
H7149 Introduction to Risk Management (NYCR252633) Get Class Info
H7150 The Cost of Fraud (NYCR-252634) Get Class Info
H7151 The Rising Costs of Identity Theft (NYCR-252635) Get Class Info

Real Estate Licensing Course Offerings
H5125 Real Estate Salesperson’s Qualifying Course (Approval Number S/B F0117) Get Class Info
H5126 Real Estate Broker's Qualifying Course Get Class Info

Continuing Education for Real Estate Licenses Course Offerings
H5141 Fundamentals of Property Management Get Class Info

Real Estate Appraisal Course Offerings
H5150 Basic Appraisal Principles (R-5) Get Class Info
H5152 15 Hour National USPAP or Its Equivalent (USPAP) Get Class Info
H5151 Basic Appraisal Procedures (R-6) Get Class Info
H5153 Residential Market Analysis and Highest and Best Use (R-7) Get Class Info
H5154 Residential Appraisal Site Valuation and Cost Approach (R-8) Get Class Info
H5155 Residential Sales Comparison and Income Approach (R-9) Get Class Info
H5156 Residential Report Writing and Case Studies (R-10) Get Class Info

State Certified Appraiser Course Offerings
H5157 Statistics, Modeling and Finance (SMF) Get Class Info
H5158 Advanced Residential Applications and Case Studies (R-11) Get Class Info
H5159 Fair Housing/Fair Lending and Environmental Issues (RE-2) Get Class Info

Notary Public License Course Offerings
H3410 Notary Public Test Review Get Class Info
Professional Development

Summer Camps ACCES-VR