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Center for Civic Engagement

Hempstead High School Initiative

The Hempstead High School Initiative connects parents, teachers, and youth at Hempstead High School with programs and services available in the community (including at Hofstra). The initiative is in the process of distributing several thousand brochures listing these services to Hempstead area faith-based organizations, civic associations, and community advocacy groups.

The Hempstead High School Initiative is a coalition of community and Hofstra based organizations offering services to adolescent youth in the Hempstead Village area. The Initiative runs through the Hofstra Center for Civic Engagement, and the co-chairs include Ms. Tracey Haqq of Hofstra’s Center for Educational Access and Success and Professor Gregory Maney, co-director of Hofstra’s CCE.

Our Vision:
To significantly improve graduation rates, Regents scores, as well as the overall quality of the educational experience for the students of Hempstead High School. To connect students and their families with a wide range of enhancement programs and services within the area.

Our Mission:
To establish a network of community partners who provide programs and services for adolescents of high school age in the Hempstead area. We coordinate and synergize existing programs/services and assist in the development of new ones. We publicize these opportunities through a variety of venues, including social media as well as outreach to civic associations, religious congregations, and community-based advocacy groups.
For general information please contact the Initiative by e-mail.
The Initiative invites Hofstra students to intern with the program for academic credit during the fall and spring semesters. Please visit the Hofstra Center for Civic Engagement website for more information!

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Our Affiliates

  • Hempstead Family and Children’s Center
  • Hofstra Center for Civic Engagement
  • Hofstra Center for Educational Access and Success
  • Hofstra Continuing Education
  • Hofstra Cultural Center
  • Hofstra Law School
  • Nassau County District Attorney’s Office
Hempstead High School Initiative