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Center for Civic Engagement

Civic Engagement Minor

Make A Difference!—Become a Civic Engagement Minor at Hofstra University

The Minor in Civic Engagement is designed for students who wish to participate as engaged, knowledgeable citizens in their campus, local, state, national, and global communities. The minor is designed to help students develop skills— such as critical thinking, deliberative dialogue, constructive disagreement, and mediation of conflict—needed to facilitate community involvement, public advocacy, and community-building. The minor may be paired with any major as an active way of putting disciplinary tools to use to affect positive change in our communities. It is intended for highly motivated students of any ideological perspective who are committed to education among a broader community of learners.

The minor requires the successful completion of 18 semester hours, distributed as follows:

Required Course: CCE 001 (IS) Making A Difference: An Introduction to Civic Engagement

A) Competency-Building: At least 3 semester hours
ANTH 120 Cross-Cultural Studies in Conflict
CCE 110 Community-based Internship
HPFS 116 Planning, Implementation and Evaluation of Community Health Programs
PHI 150 Critical Reasoning
PSY 181 Leadership and Group Processes
RES 124 Introduction to Grant Funding and Proposal Development in the Field of Health
RTVF 145 Advanced Television: Media Action Project Hofstra (MAP Hofstra)
SBLY 001 (IS) Introduction to Sustainability Studies
SOC 141 (BH) Urban and Community Studies
SOC 145 (BH) Building Strong Communities: Organizing in Diverse Settings
SPCM 007 (CP) Public Speaking
SPCM 107 Argumentation and Debate
SPCM 117 Advanced Public Speaking
SPCM 128 American Public Address: Rhetoric of Conflict and Controversy
SPCM 129 Performing History
SPCM 138 Social Protest: Rhetoric and Performance
WSC 119 - (CC) Strategies of Writing Against Power and Oppression Semester Hours: 3
WSC 120 - (AA) Public Writing, Private Lives Semester Hours: 3

B) Promoting the Prerequisites of Democracy: At least 3 semester hours
ANTH 004 (BH, CC) Cultural Diversity
ANTH 137 (BH) Race and Ethnicity: An Anthropological Perspective
DSST 001 (IS) Introduction to Disability Studies
FDED 110 History of American Education
FDED 111 The American School
FDED 114 The Education of America’s Minority Groups
GEOG 004 (BH) Cultural Geography
GS 001 (IS) Introduction to Global Studies
HIST 020 (HP) The Present in Historical Perspective
HIST 116 The Afro-American in American History, 1865 to the Present
HIST 148 The United States: 1945 to the Present
HIST 149 Women in America
HIST 157 History of Labor in the United States
HIST 162C (HP) Protest and Reform in American History
HIST 169 Immigrants and American Society
JRNL 001 Media Ethics
LABR 001A (IS) Introduction to Labor Studies
LACS 001 (CC, IS) Putting Latin American and the Caribbean on the Map: Geography, Politics
and Literature
LGBT 001 (IS) Introduction to Lesbian, Gay, and Transgender Studies
LGBT 120 (CC, IS) How Do You Say 'Queer' in Spanish? Gender, Sexuality, Identity and Citizenship
MECA 001 (CC) Introduction to Middle East and Central Asia
PHI 015 (HP) Law, Philosophy and Public Life: An Introduction
PHI 166 Contemporary Social and Political Philosophy
PHI 167 Philosophy of Feminism
PSC 001 (BH) American Politics
PSC 002 (BH) Comparative Politics
PSC 111 Politics of Race in the U.S.
PSC 114 Political Parties and the Voter
PSC 115 State and Metropolitan Politics and Governments
RELI 026 (IS) Buddhism in America
RELI 051 (CC, HP) Sex and Diversity in American Islam
RELI 070 (CC, HP) New York's Hindu Communities
RELI 085 (CC) Comparative Religious Ethics
SBLY 002 (IS) Issues in Urban and Suburban Sustainability
SOC 032 (BH, CC) Women and Development
SOC 034 (BH) Ethnicity and Minority Group Relations
SOC 101 (BH) Sociology of Education
SOC 106 (BH) Work, Alienation, and Power in Social Life
SOC 107 (BH) Organizational Structure and Process
SOC 134 (BH) Race Relations in the U.S.
SOC 135 (BH) Political Sociology
SOC 140 (BH) Social Inequality
SOC 149 (BH) Globalization and Developing Societies
SOC 160 (BH) Sociology of Gender
SOC 170 (BH) Sociology of Law
SPCM 055 Intercultural Communication
WSC 180 A-Z - Special Topics in Writing Studies and Composition Semester Hours: 1-3
WST 001D (IS) Introduction to Women’s Studies

C) Historical and Contemporary Societal Issues: At least 3 semester hours
ANTH 115 Poverty in Cross-Cultural Perspective
CCE 170 Special Topics in Civic Engagement
CSC 163 Computing, Ethics, and Society
ECO 010 (BH) Economics, Environment and Community
FDED 112 Politics of Education (same as PSC 112)
FDED 129 Current Problems in Education
GEOG 1 (BH) World Regional Geography
GEOG 006 (BH) Resources and Energy Geography
GEOL 033 Environmental Geomorphology
GEOL 121 Hydrology
GS 002 (IS) Cultural Globalization
GS 108 (CC, IS) Globalization and Human Trafficking
GS 109 (CC, IS) Globalization and Human Rights
HIST 119 (HP) Blacks and Jews: Interrelation in the Diaspora
HIST 157 History of Labor in the United States
HPFS 63 Health Care Systems and Services
HPFS 65 Ethical, Legal, and Critical Health Problems
HPFS 68 Environmental Health
HPFS 125 Violence in Children, Family, and the Community
HPFS 160 Global Health Issues
JRNL 021 Critical Views of Broadcast Media
JWST 036 (HP) The Holocaust: Memory and Representation
JWST 048 (IS) Israel: Myth and Reality
JWST 055 (HP) Judaism and Islam: Jews and Arabs
LABR 141C (BH) Labor Economics
PHI 090 (HP) Contemporary Ethical Issues
PHI 091 Technology and Human Values
PHI 101 (HP) Ecology and Environmentalism
PHI 131 (HP) Ethics and Animals
PHI 133 (HP) Ethics and the Natural Environment
PHI 138 (HP) Ethics and Sustainability
PSC 105 Contemporary Issues in American Politics
PSC 107 The Arab-Israeli Conflict
PSC 112 Politics of Education (same as FDED 112)
PSC 113 Technology and Defense Policy
PSC 193 Political Corruption
RELI 151 Violence and Religion in South Asia
RELI 153 Political Islam
RTVF 131 Contemporary Issues in Radio Broadcasting
SOC 008 (BH) Sociology of Substance Abuse
SOC 009 (BH) Youth, Crisis, and American Culture
SOC 037 (BH) Parenting, Poverty and Social Policy
SOC 103 (BH) Social Problems
SOC 104 (BH) Sociology of Health and Medicine
SOC 117 (BH) Sociology of Terrorism
SOC 142 (BH) Global Cities: Politics and Social Change in Comparative Perspective
SOC 153 (BH) Sociology of Human Rights
SOC 172 (BH) Sociology of Corrections
TPP 001 (NS) Introduction to Environmental Systems
TPP 110 Energy and Society
TPP 114 Technology and Urban Problems

To become an Civic Engagement minor, See the Sociology Department Secretary, Mrs. Phyllis Droessler, in Room 205 of Davison Hall. She will provide you with the necessary paperwork.

For questions regarding the minor contact: Dr. Andrea Libresco (Andrea.S.Libresco@hofstra.edu; 516 463-6543) or Dr. Gregory Maney (Gregory.M.Maney@hofstra.edu; 516 463-6182)

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