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Center for Civic Engagement

Hofstra University
Center for Civic Engagement
Day of Dialogue XV:

October 25, 2017, 9 am-8 pm

Schedule of Panels, Workshops and Presentations

9:05-10:05 am 
Mack Student Center, Plaza Room East, North Campus

Deliberative Dialogue Session
Alternative Facts about Catastrophe, or How I Learned to Worry About WW III  
Moderators:  Mike D'Innocenzo & Marty Melkonian

9:35 am-11:00 am
Guthart Cultural Center Theater, Axinn Library, First Floor, South Campus

Building Media, Data, and Visual Literacy to Combat “Fake News”
In an era of polarization exacerbated by social media feeds and media oversaturation, we find ourselves in self-reinforced and curated information environments. The proliferation of “fake news” is driven by community sharing, personalized feeds, and confirmation bias. This workshop is a discussion on the methods to identify sources, ensure credibility, evaluate data critically, understand algorithms as well as the technology behind social platforms.
Presenters: Prof. Jamie Cohen, Molloy College; Prof. Russell Chun, Journalism, Hofstra University; Dr. Susan Drucker, Media Studies, Hofstra University

10:10 am-11:05 am
Mack Student Center, Plaza Room East, North Campus

Do Black Lives Matter In the Media? Talkback on Claudia Rankine’s “Citizen: An American Lyric”
At a time when the Black Lives Matter movement has been defined by so many, we ask the question: what role does the media have to play in shaping these views? During this talkback following Claudia Rankine's visit to campus, we will discuss her novel, Citizen: An American Lyric, which raises the question: what is it to be black in today's society? We will also discuss facets of how the BLM movement is portrayed in the media and what role the media played in initiating a conversation about the BLM movement.
Moderator:  Imani Hinson, CCE Fellow

10:10 am-11:05 am
Mack Student Center, Room 143, North Campus

My Science, Your Science, and Not Our Science!
A roundtable discussion on how science is perceived in society and in the media. Join us to deliberate the “alternative” facts, the lack of science in the news, and how the pursuit of truth has become a thing of the past. 
Panelists: Dr. Jase Bernhardt and Dr. Bret Bennington, Department of Geology, Environment, and Sustainability, Hofstra University
Moderator: Caroline Bowes, CCE Fellow

11:15 am-12:45 pm (Common Hour)
Guthart Cultural Center Theater, Axinn Library, First Floor, South Campus

Hair and the 1960s
On the 50th Anniversary of this groundbreaking musical theatre event, a historian and a dramaturg illuminate a revolutionary period in art and activism not unlike our own.
Panelists: Dr. Carolyn Eisenberg, Department of History & Ali Sousa, Hair dramaturg (Hofstra BFA’17)
Moderator: Prof. Cindy Rosenthal, Drama

11:30 am – 12:40 pm (Common Hour)
Mack Student Center Atrium, North Campus

LuLu LoLo as Joan of Arc asks: Where Are the Women Monuments?

LuLu LoLo invites the Hofstra Community to nominate their choice of a woman deserving of a permanent monument in New York City.  This is a continuation of LuLu LoLo’s New York City performance project highlighting the disparity of 150 monuments honoring men in New York City, as opposed to only 5 honoring women (Joan of Arc, Golda Meir, Eleanor Roosevelt, Gertrude Stein, and Harriet Tubman).  Ballots will be made available and Lulu will discuss the ballot results tallies at Hofstra at the 12:50 pm panel, “Monuments USA:  What Must be Raised and What Must be Razed.”
About the artist:  LuLu LoLo is an international performance artist, playwright/actor, and activist. LuLu’s ongoing performance art project, Where are the Women Monuments?, which was featured in The New York Times, highlights the lack of public monuments honoring women in New York City.  Other performance art projects: Loretta, the Telephone Operator, The Gentleman of 14th Street14th Street NewsBoy, and Pilgrimage by Proxy: Paris Chapter, a series of symbolic journeys in Paris on behalf of people. She has also performed as Mother Cabrini Saint of the Immigrants in Campagna, Italy; Paris; New Orleans; and New York. LuLu has written and performed eight one-person plays Off-Broadway that evolve from her passion for historical research and social justice, especially as pertaining to the dramatic struggle of women in New York City’s past.

12:50 pm-2:10 pm
Mack Student Center, Plaza Room East, North Campus

Monuments USA: What Must Be Raised and What Must be Razed
A Roundtable about memorials in our public spaces
How do we deal with vestiges of the unjust past?  While in some instances the path forward seems clear cut, the criteria and process for making such decisions for many others demands a larger conversation.  Panelists will also discuss those rendered invisible in our public memorial spaces, and ask - what takes the place of these statues?
Panelists: Dr. Alan Singer, Teaching Learning Technology, Hofstra University; Dr. Lisa Merrill, Rhetoric and Performance Studies, Hofstra University; Dr. Jonathan Lightfoot, Dir of Center for “Race,” Culture, and Social Justice, Hofstra University; Lola Solis, history major; Kiara Burrell, neuroscience and psychology major; Gianna Mitchell,  international business major; LuLu LoLa, performance artist.
Moderator: Nancy Richner, Director of the Hofstra University Museum
PLEASE NOTE:  A special performance by artist Lulu Lolo will be staged in conjunction with this panel in the Student Center (see above).

2:55 pm-4:20 pm
Mack Student Center, Room 141, North Campus

Calling Bullsh*t: A Panel Discussion 
We will consider the philosopher Harry Frankfurt's definition of the bullsh*tter as someone who "does not care whether the things he says describe reality correctly. He just picks them out, or makes them up, to suit his purpose,” and discuss how the prevalence of bullsh*t undermines our ability to make good decisions and what might be done about it.
Panelists:  Dr. Kathleen Wallace and Dr. Amy Baehr, Department of Philosophy, Hofstra University
Moderator: Dr. Kathleen Wallace, Department of Philosophy, Hofstra University

2:55 pm-4:20 pm
Mack Student Center Theater, North Campus

Fake News: Fact, Fiction and Media Manipulation

This panel will examine the role of “fake news” in our contemporary media culture, and how various forms of media manipulation from both private and public sources have shaped our politics over the years.
Panelists: Joseph Peyronnin, Associate Professor, Department of Journalism, Media Studies and Public Relations, Hofstra University; Delia Paunescu, Hofstra alumna, currently with “Now This News”; Joye Brown, Columnist and Associate Editor, Newsday.
Moderator: Mario A. Murillo, Professor, Department of Radio, Television, Film, Hofstra University

4:30 pm-5:55 pm
Lowenfeld Conference and Exhibition Hall, Axinn Library, Tenth Floor, South Campus

Did Religion Funk Our News?: Conservative Christianity, Postmodern Performance, and the Rise of Fake News
Does religion have something to do with the rise of fake news? Two authors, Dr. Susan Ridgely and Dr. Chris Douglas, discuss how some conservative Christians might have seen this coming--or helped bring it about.  What is Focus on the Family and what does it have to do with fake news?  Why did some Christians decide they need "alt-expertise" in all areas of knowledge?
Panelists: Dr. Susan Ridgely, Univ. of Wisconsin; Dr. Christopher Douglas, Univ. of Victoria
Moderators/Respondents: Dr. Julie Byrne and Dr. Ann Burlein, Department of Religion, Hofstra University

4:30 pm-5:55 pm
Guthart Cultural Center Theater, Axinn Library, First Floor, South Campus

Fake News of the World
President Trump’s relationship with the press, his nimble and provocative use of social media, and the growth of the online “alternative-fact industry” are not unique to this country.  This panel will offer perspectives from around the world with presentations ranging from the use of indigenous social media in China as a citizen organizing tool apropos institutional media, to the usurpation of mass and social media platforms by the Turkish government in moments of national crisis; and from the organizing of lynch mobs using rumors spread through WhatsApp (an encrypted messaging service) in India to the detention and arrest of journalists for writing on certain issues in Africa.   These discussions will be presented using historical antecedents of "fake news" from 1930s Fascist Europe and 1980s Latin America that can help contextualize the present as a refashioning of long-standing strategies.
Panelists: Dr. Jingsi Christina Wu, Journalism, PR, and Mass Media;  Dr. Santiago Slabodsky, Florence and Robert Kaufman Endowed Chair in Jewish Studies; Prof. Aashish Kumar, Radio/TV/Film; Cem Gokhan, undergraduate and CCE Fellow; Fillemon Shikomba, undergraduate; and Maria Zaldivar, undergraduate journalism major.

Moderator/Organizer: Pauloa Chirinos, CCE Fellow

4:30 pm-5:55 pm
Mack Student Center Theater, North Campus

Taking A Knee: Sports, Media and the Politics of Social Protest
When NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick took a knee to call attention to police violence in black and brown communities, he was continuing a long tradition of black athletes who have used their platform to promote racial and social justice. This panel examines the historical and contemporary intersection between sports, media and the politics of “race”.
Panelists:  William Rhoden, author and editor-at-Large, ESPN’s “The Undefeated”; Stevland Wilson, ESPN feature producer and Hofstra alumnus; Meshack Eshun Addy, Hofstra soccer player; and
Jonathan Lightfoot, Director, Center for “Race”, Culture & Social Justice, Hofstra University.
Moderator: Dr. Dwight E. Brooks, Associate Dean, Lawrence Herbert School of Communication, Hofstra University


2:55 pm-4:20 pm
Guthart Cultural Center Theater, Axinn Library, First Floor, South Campus

"Travesti Rage: On the Relation between Race and Trans in Latin America"
Lecture by Pedro Di Pietro, Assistant Professor, Department of Women’s and Gender Studies, Syracuse University
How can Latin America make sense of gender and racial histories when these histories are often portrayed as having little connection with each other? This talk examines the history of transgender workers in Latin American countries by making connections between projects of racial mixing and projects of LGBTQ+ diversity, and between the neglect of an indigenous present and the neglect of a nonheterosexual past.
Moderator/Organizer: Dr. Santiago Slabodsky, Associate Prof of Religion and Florence and Robert Kaufman Endowed Chair in Jewish Studies, Hofstra University

6-8 pm
The Helene Fortunoff Theater, Monroe Lecture Center, South Campus

THE DEFAMATION EXPERIENCE: When Race, Class, Religion and Gender Collide – A Conversation Begins
Defamation is a riveting courtroom drama that explores the highly charged issues of race, religion, gender, class, and the law with a twist: the audience is the jury. More than a play, Defamation is a unique opportunity for the community to engage in civil discourse about the most pressing social issues of our day. Through deliberations and post-show discussions, audiences engage in civil
discourse that may challenge preconceived notions. Playwright Todd Logan says, “Whether we like it or not, we still have major divides in this country. Most of us still go to bed at night in cities, communities
and neighborhoods that are segregated by race, religion, ethnicity and/or class. I wanted to write a play that encourages open, honest conversation that leads to greater understanding and empathy to combat today’s prevailing trends.”

Presented by the Hofstra Cultural Center. Co-sponsored by Center for Civic Engagement;
Maurice A. Deane School of Law; NOAH Program; Center for “Race,” Culture and Social Justice;
Hofstra’s Office of Student Leadership and Engagement; Intercultural Engagement and Inclusion (IEI);
Student Government Association (SGA); Residence Hall Association (RHA); and Interfraternity Sorority Council.

Join the #HofDialogue conversation on social media.
Hofstra students, faculty and community members are welcome, and all events are free and open to the public.
For more information, contact Professor Aashish Kumar, CCE Director for Civic Literacy and On-Campus Events,  Aashish.Kumar@hofstra.edu.

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