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Center for Civic Engagement

The Center for Civic Engagement at Hofstra University

Globalization Day 2017

Crisis and Opportunity in an Uncertain World

Tuesday, March 14th, 2017
All Day

Tentative Program

9:35 am - 11:00 am
Multi-Purpose Room West
Student Center
Closing the Door: The Immigration Debate

A brief history of immigration and the U.S., the current situation and a conversation between two friends defined as immigrants will set the context for a lively discussion with the audience.

Professor Rosanna Perotti, Chair, Department of Political Science
Alex Hayes, Junior, Public Policy & Public Service, concentrating in Immigration
Sofiya Rubenova, Sophomore, Political Science and Public Policy & Public Service
Fatimah Mozawalla, Junior, Pre-Health

Co-sponsored by: Hofstra Chapter NAACP, Muslim Student Association, and Departments of Sociology and Political Science

11:10am to 12:35pm
Multi-Purpose Room West
Student Center
Immigration Under Trump: A deliberative dialogue

A deliberative dialogue session on immigration in response to the Trump Administration's travel ban on Muslim countries and the ongoing wave of ICE raids of immigrant communities.
Moderated by CCE Fellow and Senior History Major Natasha Rapazzao.

12:45 to 2:10pm
Room 211, Breslin Hall
Film Screening and Discussion: Open Pit

Directed by Gianni Converso and produced by Daniel Santana, Open Pit is a tour de force of investigative journalism and guerilla filmmaking that reveals the vicious face of dirty gold mining in Peru. Faced with devastating mercury pollution, heavy metals and acid mine drainage, the people of Cajamarca (northern Peru) fight a desperate battle to defend their water resources, their families, and their way of life. Discussion will follow with Daniel Santana.
Co-sponsored by the Latin American Caribbean Studies Program, LACS.

2:20 to 3:45pm
Room 211, Breslin Hall
20th century Fascism and 21st century Populist Nationalism: What They Have in Common and How They Are Different

This discussion will focus on Italian fascism and the politics and economics of fascism, and will include an examination as to how they compare with today's populist nationalism.
Panelists: Dr. Robby Guttmann and Dr. Stan Pugliese
Moderated by Dr. Cindy Bogard, Professor of Sociology, Hofstra University
Co-sponsored by the Departments of Economics, History and Sociology, and the Hofstra Chapter of the NAACP.

4:30 to 5:55pm
Room 211, Breslin Hall
Cuba at a Crossroads: A Report Back from the Hofstra Study Abroad Program in Havana

This session will feature student and faculty presentations about their experiences in the Hofstra Study Abroad program that spent three weeks in Havana from January 6 through 25th, 2017. Topics covered will include a first hand look at Cuba's elder long-term health care system, an overview of Cuba's new, independent web-based journalism, women's rights in Cuba today, and a look at how the current economic reforms are impacting Cuban workers.
Introduced by Professors Mario A. Murillo (RTVF/LACS) and Kirby Veevers (Health Science).

6:30 to 8:00pm
Multi-Purpose Room West
Student Center
Intersectionality: Past, Present and Marching on Washington

Intersectionality, a term coined by Kimberlé Crenshaw, has become a theoretical and a methodological tool for activists and academics alike. The concept describes how the meeting of multiple points of privilege and/or oppression alters the circumstance of the individual. That is to say, we – as people – never occupy solely one identity; therefore, we need to understand how the intersection of various identities alters our relationship to systems of oppression or discrimination.

This panel will explore the historical roots, political present and possible futures of intersectionality. Conceptualized in response to student concern about the recent Women's March on Washington, the panel will address current efforts for intersectional feminist activism as well as provide a forum for student discussion and debate.

Panelists: Dr. Ann Burlein, Professor of Religion, Hofstra University and Dr. S.M. Rodriguez, Professor of Sociology and Criminology, Hofstra University
Moderated by Dr. Cindy Bogard, Professor of Sociology, Hofstra University
Co-sponsored by the Departments of Sociology, Religion and Rhetoric, the Women's Studies Program and the Hofstra Chapter of the NAACP.

8:00 to 9:30pm
The Student Center Theater
Student Center
Hofstra Responds to the Refugee Crisis - A Panel looking at Various Initiatives on Campus Addressing the Refugee and Travel Ban in the U.S. ,
co-sponsored by the Hofstra Chapter of Amnesty International and the Hofstra Muslim Student Organization.