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Center for Civic Engagement

The Center for Civic Engagement at Hofstra University

Globalization Day: Our World, Our Communities

Thursday, March 15th, 2012

A full day of panels, workshops and screenings looking at the many transformative events that are shaping our world today, and how they impact us all right here at home.

9:35-11:00am Plaza Room West, Hofstra Student Center
Constitutionality of Force, What Amendment Warrants War?

The panel will discuss legal and policy issues arising out of a possible armed conflict between Iran and Israel. It will also explore the legal and policy impacts of such a conflict on the United States and the international legal system.

Presenter: Julian Ku, Professor of Law at Hofstra University Law School and the Fulbright Distinguished Lecturer in Law at East China University of Political Science and Law in Shanghai, China.

11:10-12:35pm Plaza Room East, Hofstra Student Center
Consumption, Production, & Development in Today’s Global Econom

This panel will look at the relationship between mass consumption in the global north and unjust labor practices in the global south, with a focus on several important case studies recently reported in the major media. We will ask ourselves what is the price for “development” in terms of human rights and economic justice?

Presenters: Dr. Kari Jensen, Assistant Professor of Global Studies and Geography, Hofstra University, who will address child labor practices in BangladeshCharles Duhigg, New York Times correspondent who broke story on Apple’s Sub-Contractors in ChinaModerated by Dr. Greg DeFreitas, Professor of Economics at Hofstra, andfounding director of Hofstra’s Labor Studies degree program, director of the Center for the Study of Labor and Democracy.

12:45-2:10pm Plaza Room West, Hofstra Student Center
Disenfranchisement, positioning, and repositioning of youth, reflecting on youth participation in the Occupy movement(s).

Organized by Dr. Kari Jensen and Dr. Denny Taylor.

This presentation will focus on the global shift taking place in the positioning of disenfranchised youth. The perspectives presented will draw on data from Earth’s Children in Crisis, a ten year longitudinal study which focuses on the complexity of interconnections between extreme poverty/wealth, the global economic crisis, armed conflict and public health emergencies on the lives of children and youth worldwide. Emphasis will be placed on a global movement of resistance and struggle rooted in the protests of the Middle East and North Africa, the Indignant Movement in Spain, and the global protests of the Occupy Movement thatbegan in New York in Wall Street’s Zuccoti Park.

Presenters: Dr. Denny Taylor, Professor of Literacy Studies and Director of the International Center for Everybody's Child, will show a series of photos from the Occupy movement in NYC focusing on the messages on bodies and posters. She will analyze the shift in thinking about Occupy and the role of youth in bringing about that shift.Pablo Muriel, a Doctoral student at Hofstra who teaches in a high school in the Bronx will share his experiences participating in Occupy and encouraging his students to engage in the movement in their own ways.  One or more of his students will also participate in this session: Caroline Ramos, Anthony Murrey, Rebecca Perez.James Yantis, a Geography and Global Studies major at Hofstra who is writing his Honors essay on the Occupy movement will analyze media’s portrayal of youth participation in the occupy movement.

Moderator: Dr. Kari Jensen, Assistant Professor of Geography, Department of Global Studies and Geography.

2:20-3:45pm Multi-Purpose Room East, Student Center
The U.S. Role in the World – Global Police or Constructive Player? 

A student-facilitated, roundtable discussion evaluating the U.S. role in the world, from the Middle East to Latin America, China to Africa. This session is part of an ongoing CCE project training students to take part in deliberative discussions in the community and enhance their civic literacy.

Led by CCE Fellows, Etana Jacobi and Kayla Rivara

4:30-6:00pm Multi-Purpose Room West, Student Center
Life in Haiti: Two years later, what has recovery meant for its people?

An examination of the ongoing struggle of the Haitian people in recovering from the devastating earthquake that struck in January 2010. We will also provide an update on the important community education project of the Edeyo School.

Presenters: Kim Ives, Editor, Haiti Progress, Radio Host, and documentary filmmaker Doris Pradieu, Executive Director of Edeyo. Unik Urnest, President and Founder of Edeyo. Moderated by Amanda Preston, Hofstra University senior and CCE Fellow


7:00-9:30pm Room 211, Breslin Hall Screening Room
Screening and Discussion: GRANITO: How to Nail a Dictator

The film looks at the former military strongman of Guatemala, Gen. Efraín Ríos Montt, who in the early 1980s led a brutal military junta in that Central American nation, and the “granitos,” or grains of sand - the many humanrights advocates in Guatemala and abroad - who, by working together, managed to bring him up on genocide charges in a Spanish court. Those charges rely, in part, on evidence from Ms. Yates’s own documentary work.

Featuring a Q&A with director Pamela Yates and producer Paco de Onis.

Moderated by Professor Mario A. Murillo, Chair, Radio, Television, Film Department, co-director of the Center for Civic Engagement

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