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Hofstra University's Chemistry Department
2017 Chemistry Dinner


Students may participate in either research classes or an internship to enhance their academic experience and build their resume at Hofstra.

CHEM 151 and 152, BCHM 182 and 183, and FOR 182 are research classes that students can take for variable credit (1-3 s.h.), and they are repeatable for credit. Independent study classes are handled under the Special Topics number (CHEM/BCHM/FOR 192).

If a student wishes to do an internship, faculty will help to identify internship opportunities. Students who have identified a potential internship opportunity may present it to their faculty adviser or the Chair of Chemistry William Nirode (Email or 516-463-5540).

Other resources for finding internships include the Hofstra Career Center and the Office of Off-Campus Education (OCE). OCE provides support and leads on how to obtain an internship that fulfills HCLAS degree requirements. For more information on the Hofstra Career Center, call (516) 464-6060 or visit hofstra.edu/careers. For more information on OCE call Rene M. Giminiani-Caputo at (516) 463-5823 or via email.

2017 Chemistry Dinner