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Forensic Science


Welcome to the Forensic Science Program of the Chemistry Department at Hofstra University. Forensic scientists apply the natural sciences to matters of both criminal and civil law. Forensic Science is a very complex and diverse discipline including many areas of specialization. Some of these specialties include Genetics, DNA, Toxicology, Criminalistics, Ondotology, Anthropology, Entomology, Geology, Botany, Questioned Documents, Fingerprints, Computer Forensics, Forensic Engineering, Bloodstain Pattern Analysis, and of course Forensic Chemistry, just to name a few!

Our program tries to combine the academic rigors of the basic natural sciences such as biology, chemistry, and physics, with some of the basic forensic concepts such as criminalistics, trace analysis and microscopy. Coursework dealing with aspects of the law pertinent to the forensic scientist, such as Legal Issues of Scientific Evidence and Expert Witness Testimony, are also required. We then offer our students advanced science courses, in such areas as Cell Biology and Molecular Biochemistry. In their third and fourth years, students are encouraged to take a number of forensic science electives, such as Forensic Imaging, Questioned Documents, Firearm Identification, and Forensic Analysis of Drugs and Drug Metabolites.

Our laboratories are housed in a modern facility complete with computer-interfaced instrumentation and a dedicated computer lab for facilitating software based instruction. Some of the analytical instrumentation available to the students includes Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrophotometry, Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry, High Performance Liquid Chromatography, and Liquid Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry.

Our program combines faculty from the Chemistry, Biology, and Physics Departments, and of course, the Forensic Science faculty, who bring with them many years of experience, gained in their respective areas of expertise.

So if you have always been interested in T.V. shows like "CSI" and "Forensic Files" and want to apply your knowledge of the natural and physical sciences to matters of the law, then why not begin your career here at the Forensic Science Program of the Chemistry Department at Hofstra University and receive your major in the exciting field of Forensic Science!

Forensic Science