Comparative Literature and Languages

Comparative Literature, Languages, & Linguistics Mission Statement

The mission of the Department of Comparative Literature, Languages, & Linguistics is to foster in students an appreciation of the languages and literatures of the world--both Western and non-Western--through the acquisition of multiple languages and the close analysis of literary texts and other cultural documents, to promote an interest in the way different literatures relate to one another across national and cultural boundaries, and to enter into dialogue with other disciplines, media, or forms of art. Such study often tracks the influence or affinity of works of literature from different languages and cultures through literary and artistic movements, and different historical periods (from ancient to contemporary), under the global concept of World Literature. This study entails critical awareness of the necessity-and both the merits and limitations--of translations of literature from the source languages.

The Hofstra CLL department supports the vision of the American Comparative Literature Association which "promotes the study of intercultural relations that cross national boundaries, multicultural relations within a particular society, and the interactions between literature and other forms of human activity, including the arts, the sciences, philosophy, and cultural artifacts of all kinds."