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Disability Studies Sign Stating University's Disability History and Student with Wheelchair using Accomodations to leave bus
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Disability Studies Learning Goals and Objectives

Learning Goal 1: Students will gain an awareness of disability as a social and cultural construct


  1. explain the distinction between impairment and disability
  2. explain the major paradigms that have been used to understand and represent disability in Western cultures.
  3. identify major developments in disability history

Learning Goal 2: Students will acquire an analytic framework for evaluating representations of disability in culture.


  1. analyze the representation of disability in a literary text, film, work of art or other cultural text.
  2. identify which of the major paradigms for understanding disability is evident in a literary text, film, work of art or other cultural text.

Learning Goal 3: Students will develop informed positions on public policy debates that bear on disabled populations


  1. explain how a given issue impacts disabled people in particular
  2. explain the various competing arguments (and the ethical or legal principles informing those arguments) on the disputed issue
  3. articulate one’s own position on the issue

Learning Goal 4: Students should acquire a basic understanding of the Americans with Disabilities Act


  1. explain who is protected by the ADA
  2. identify examples of actions prohibited by the ADA
  3. identify examples of actions required by the ADA

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