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Guidelines for OCE Internship Proposal

  1. Describe the internship site in detail, describing the company and its location.
  2. Discuss your job responsibilities at the proposed internship site, paying special attention to any events or projects that you may be involved in.
  3. Describe how your internship will help you pursue and achieve your academic and professional goals and objectives.

If you are registering for more than one credit, you must submit a more detailed outline of a research project connected to your internship. Please attach your prospective bibliography to your project outline with both primary and secondary sources included.

These are some of the questions you should consider in developing your project outline, although your faculty consultant may require additional information:

  1. Explain what topics or problems you will explore, and how you will conduct your research.
  2. Why and how is this topic relevant to your internship and how does it relate to your academic major? If you are studying something outside of your major concentration, explain your project and its relevance to your past or current academic experiences.