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Summary of Requirements for Graduation in the Hofstra College of Liberals Arts and Sciences

NOTE: requirements listed below may include options whereby a student may offer courses in one discipline (e.g., literature in translation) toward several different requirements. No student may use any one course to fulfill more than one general requirement. A single course, however, may be used to satisfy both a general degree requirement and a requirement that is specific to a chosen major or minor.

1. Requirement for total semester hours (courses taken) at college level

The successful completion of at least 124 semester hours and a cumulative grade-point average of 2.0 in work completed at Hofstra.

2. Requirement for semester hours in Hofstra College of Liberal Arts & Sciences

At least 94 semester hours (93 hours for the B.A. specialization in Elementary Education and a liberal arts major) of the total must be in liberal arts. Beyond this minimum, the student may elect either non-liberal arts courses or additional liberal arts courses (see page 196 of Bulletin).

3. Residency Requirements (courses taken while attending Hofstra University)

There are three requirements that must ordinarily be completed in residence at Hofstra:

  • 15 semester hours in the major field of specialization,
  • at least three semester hours in core course work toward each divisional core course requirement,and the last 30 semester hours.
  • The 15 semester hours in the major and the resident core course requirement need not be included within the last 30 hours.

4. The fulfillment of the Six General Requirements for the B.A.

5. Department Requirements (for the major or minor)

The fulfillment of major requirements as listed in the Bulletin under the department of specialization.

While these general requirements are deliberately held to a minimum, circumstances can arise in which a student may reasonably wish to seek given educational goals by different curricular means. In such a case, the student may apply to the Office of the Dean, Hofstra College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, for a variance.

The material presented here is provided for informational purposes only and is subject to change. For definitive information and official requirements, consult the Hofstra University Bulletin.