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 School RepresentedTerm* Subject to Spring 2019 Election
Executive Committee
Lisa Dresner (WS&R)  HUM 2017-2020
Mark McEvoy (PHI) PSK 2016-2019
Ling Huang (CHEM) NSC 2016-2019
Rosebud Elijah (TLT) SOE 2016-2019
(Chair of S&R)
Curriculum Proposals Committee
Adam Durst (PHYS-ASTR) NSC 2017-2020
Kristopher Lotier (WSR) HUM Replacing Andrea Efthymiou for one semester
Javier Izquierdo (BIO) NSC 2016-2019
Amy Karofsky (PHI) (Chair) PSK 2016-2019
Danyang Li (ECO) PSK 2018-2021
Andrea Libresco SOE 2016-2019
Rebecca Natow (SPE) SOE 2016-2019
Adam Sills (ENGL) HUM 2017-2020
Graduate Committee
Balbinder Bhogal (RELI) PSK 2018-2021
Tammy Gales (CLL) HUM 2017-2020
Adam Glaser (MUS) HUM 2018-2021
Liena Gurevich (SOC) PSK 2018-2021
Jeanne Henry (SPE) SOE 2016-2019
Antonios Marsellos (GEOL) NSC 2017-2020
Steve Racti (BIO) NSC 2018-2021
Susan Zwirn (TLT) SOE 2016-2019
Standards and Review Committee
Johan Ahr (HIST) PSK 2016-2019
Jase Bernhardt (GEOL) NSC 2018-2021
Lisa DeTora(WSC) HUM 2016-2019
David Fryling (MUS) HUM 2018-2021
Steve Hernandez (SPE) SOE 2016-2019
Kara Jaremko (CHEM) NSC 2018-2021
Christopher Niedt (SOC) PSK 2017-2020
Sharon Whitton (TLT) SOE 2016-2019
May 18, 2018